7 Useful Salon Tips

Do Your Research

Before you try out a new salon, read reviews of that salon or ask for the opinion of others you know have been to the said salon. Sometimes, you might have a totally different experience from another but it doesn’t hurt to go in armed with information.

 Know What You Want

There’s nothing worse (except being broke) than going to a salon without a clear cut image of what you want. Don’t just walk into a salon where you’re parting away with your money and start brainstorming styles on the spot, it almost never ends well, have a picture of what you want done preferably on your phone/device.

Make an Appointment

Nobody wants to walk in to a salon after days or weeks (if you’re anything like me) of dreaming up a hairstyle only to be told that there wouldn’t be any free stylist to get it done for you. Bummer. Or have a stylist try to juggle getting 2 or more heads. Always call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Speak Out

You’re on the styling chair and the ‘styling’ isn’t going according to what you envisioned or a certain product/technique you don’t agree with is being used on your hair, speak out! Complain! In a polite manner anyway because it’s your money. You don’t want to be that girl that gets home and starts crying.

Be Clear on Service Costs

The last thing you want is to get a bill that is way different from what you had planned; in terms of an increased bill anyway. Before your stylist starts, ask about the cost of service and clarify if there are differences.

Carry Your Own Stuff

If you aren’t sure a salon has certain products/equipments that you need to achieve a style, carry your own. Or you have a specific treatment for your hair, carry it.

Be Friendly

It pays to be friendly with your stylist, pay him/her a compliment when they do something right. Chances are, they’ll become free with you and offer tips on how to manage your hair/hairstyle. Some would go as far as making themselves available when you need a touch-up or emergency hair styling.


Click here for a list of Salons in Nigeria.  unfortunately, I wouldn’t be posting in a while because of school and exams, so catch up on previous posts you’ve missed and share this blog with your friends, pretty please?

Ever had a funny salon experience? Have more tips to share? Do comment. 


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15 thoughts on “ 7 Useful Salon Tips”

  1. I like what you said about knowing what you want. That is a smart way to save time, and avoid doing something to your hair you won’t like very much. Thanks for sharing, I will keep this in mind!


  2. I really love all the funny pictures that you included in this article! I laughed a little too hard at some of them, I’m not going to lie. My husband and I just moved to Lincoln, NE and I have been looking for a new salon to go to. Like you said, it’s really important to do your research and make sure that you know what the salon offers and if it is what you want. Nothing is better than going to a great salon and not robbing your wallet in doing so! Thanks for the tips!


  3. You are so right on booking an appointment first. I just hate it when I go there and there’s lots of asses on sit and they ask me to come back next day.


  4. Lol I remember while growing up it seemed like a taboo to speak up and tell the hairdressers your hair is too tight or you don’t like the style, I’d now go home and cry, kai. Good riddance.
    Success in your exams hun!


  5. Yes yes yes to carrying your own stuff!
    The major thing I need to work on is speaking out; I don’t know why I find it so difficult. I will endure painful combing just because I don’t want to talk and be a “wahala” customer 😦
    (Really, it’s just the way I am with everything. My friends have referred to me as a doormat and advised severally that I work in it)
    Nigerian and Natural

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This write up is wonderful. Thanks. What if one is in an environment and there is nobody to ask questions about the salon?


    1. Show the stylist the style you want to get done when you get to the salon and ask if they’ve done anything similar or ask to look at pictures of their previous works. Goodluck.


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