My name is Alexandria Nnamaka but everyone calls me Alex. I’m a final year nursing student at one of the top universities in Lagos, Nigeria. When I’m not learning about new ways to improve quality of life, I scribble everything that catches my fancy so other amazing people like yourself can read them.

So, what is Nappyhaired.com about?

I started Nappyhaired.com in March 2014 as an online diary where I could document my natural hair journey; the good, the bad and the ugly. Overtime, it has grown to include the interesting bits and pieces of my life centered around Beauty, Lifestyle and Food (my friends think a box of cupcakes is the fastest way to gain my forgiveness, they’re right).

When I’m not being a lifesaver or blogging, I’m creating life-changing (no jokes) hair pieces and wig units at NappyhairedWigs. I love the joy that comes with being able to transform a woman’s look in minutes, it’s honestly so satisfying. In April 2017, I curated the first ever comprehensive wig making kit in Nigeria in partnership with The Dorcas Cancer Foundation, 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the wig kits go to helping children battling cancer, you can read all about it here

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Here are some of my favorite posts to help you get started, click on any to start reading!


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