Brazillian Wool Twists

Early this year I heard of Brazillian wool but didn’t pay any attention to it until a friend used it to braid her hair. It was very ‘different’ for sure. The texture is silkier, smoother and feels more like kanekalon hair than the regular wool, it mimics kinky hair when braided/twisted. I had to explain to quite a number of people that it wasn’t, only two people recognized it as Brazillian wool. Apparently, it has been in use in other countries but only recently in Nigeria. It can be used for hairstyles like  twists, braids, faux locs, just about anything you would use regular braiding hair for.

brazillian wool

Long Twists

I had waist length twists done by a fantastic  stylist, her work is AMAZING. I have this love-hate relationship with braids/twists that is tilting more towards love because of her. The twists were very neat. However, I couldn’t experiment more with styles because I’m on clinical posting now.

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I’m not a huge fan of the bob look but I thought I would try it again. For three days. I hated it. If you don’t mind the look, cut the long twists to fit the length you want and burn the ends of the twist with a lighter to secure and prevent them from loosening.

Twist Out

My mum got me ‘Christmas hair’ and while trying to take out the twists, I was impressed at how bomb the twist out was and decided to enjoy them for a day. For the twist out to appear really nice, the initial twists have to be really neat and woven tight.

brazillian wool


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Have you tried any of these styles? Anyone else got/installed ‘Christmas hair’ yet?


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54 thoughts on “Brazillian Wool Twists”

  1. Did u comb the tip of your wool? The Brazilian wool twists I usually see have thick tips that are usually burnt or wrapped. But the tip of yours looks like any normal attachment


    1. A dozen is not bad.
      I saw one for 600n and it had Brazilian wool written on it. I opted for the regular Babby wool because that for my hair budget at the time.


  2. So lovely and it looks so neat. Wondering how many wool was used and if is light weight after u made it. But I love😍 guess it’s my next protective style


  3. Nice one!! Your pretty face really came alive with these styles. I have used Brazilian wool once, but to create d style of faux locs. It was really nice..


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