2019: What A Year

Every year I try to post a recap of the highs and lows. I love how it affords me the opportunity to critically analyze my entire year, there are some events I would leave out due to personal reasons. Without further ado, here are the good, bad and ugly for 2019:


January started with the usual new year resolutions that featured some of the regulars; lose weight, learn to swim, learn to drive and it’s cousins. Did I do most of those? No. Will I feature them next year? Of course. After promising myself I wouldn’t, I cut my hair again except this time it was symbolic and represented a new beginning. I started going to the gym, lost a few kilograms (which I gained x2 by the end of the year) and had the first POPBeachClub staycations so yeah, January was good.

February and March were a blur, only the Lagos spots crawl I hosted stands out, I had a great time and met some people that have succeeded in making themselves a part of my life now, I love you guys. Oh, I was transferred to Massey Street Children’s Hospital where the working condition was hell.


2019 has to be the first year I didn’t try to over-analyze and write a thesis about my life on my birthday. I allowed myself to revel in the love I received on the 11th of April, called my makeup artist, took myself to dinner at RSVP and ate my friend’s money. A week later, I went on a road trip to Lomé & Kpalime, the trip was mostly forgettable but I’m grateful for the friendship it helped build.

May is when everything started crumbling. I started struggling with business, the money coming in was great but the work wasn’t as exciting anymore so I started declining orders and referring people elsewhere. At a point, I became detached. I was transferred to General Hospital where the working condition was more tolerable.

I finally opened myself to meeting new people in June, 8 months after my very amicable but nonetheless distressing breakup. It was fun and exciting in the way that most new things are, then August happened.


In August, we got my father’s cancer diagnosis and I went on another downward spiral. It’s difficult watching your parents’ aging process, throw in terminal sickness and it will do your head in. We started the process to get him treated in India where he spent two months and came back better. Thinner but better. Also, I had to find a way to end the thing that started in June, trying to be a certain kind of happy while going through a crisis just wasn’t doable.

September was a difficult month. I tried to get back on good terms with one of my best friends only to learn he was preparing for his sister’s burial in two days. I was crushed.

On October 20th, I finished my one-year compulsory internship, which most people know as “housejob”. The next week I was on flights to Kenya then Rwanda. The ten days I split between both countries were the happiest time of my life in 2019. I haven’t been able to bring myself to blog about it properly but you can get the travel itinerary I painstakingly curated here.


Four days after I got back from Kenya, I found myself in Abia state for the mandatory 3 weeks National Youth Service Corps Orientation Camp. I made my third major investment in November, the first was in February and the second in August. I like to think I somewhat mastered money this year, I’m not rich yet but knowing I have money and safety nets in different places helps me sleep better at night.

December is easily my favorite time of the year. Nearly everyone tries to be happy and join in the festivities regardless of the kind of year they’ve had. On the 24th, I hosted my annual Christmas dinner with some of my favorite people in attendance. As I type this, I’m currently on my first brand-sponsored trip only months after tweeting this


Thank you, 2019. What a year.

Hair Porosity 101

When I started my natural hair journey, porosity was one of the first things I stumbled upon then shelved away thinking it was not-so-important. I was re-introduced to it at NaijaHairCanGrow’s 2014 Salon Day Out  and it made a big difference in the way I cared for my hair after. If you’re struggling with dry hair or wondering why your hair doesn’t retain moisture, you’ll want to stick around and get to the end of this post.

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Hello 2018 | 5 Unconventional New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year !!!

If you read my 2017 Review post, you would know that I had a pretty good year and I have so many expectations for 2018, the only way from here on is up! I sat to write my regular New Year’s resolution for 2018 that featured appearances from my favorites; lose weight, save more, e.t.c. After thinking for a while, I was able to narrow my list to these unconventional goals excluding my main goals and decided to share. Continue reading “Hello 2018 | 5 Unconventional New Year Resolutions”


If you’re a natural hair enthusiast, the brand Shea Moisture is no stranger to you. When the recession started, Shea Moisture was the first brand I dropped because there was just no way it could fit into my budget at the time. They’ll be relaunching in Nigeria again and the Young Sofi Tucker competition is one of the numerous ways they’ll be trying to give back to society and empower young female entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Read details on how you can participate and win below. Continue reading “WIN ONE MILLION NAIRA IN SHEA MOISTURE’S YOUNG SOFI TUCKER COMPETITION”

 6 Struggles Only Girls With 4C Hair Would Understand 

When I chopped off all my relaxed ends, hair-typing was one of the things I found totally unnecessary until I tried certain styles and products that my 3A YouTube sisters were raving about but was an epic fail for me. After extensive research, I finally concluded that I have  4C hair even though I wanted 4A hair with all those baby curls. Don’t know your hair type or not sure what all I just wrote means? Check How to Know Your Hair Type

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My Top 5 Leave-in Conditioners For Natural Hair

While writing this post, I realized that all the products are under 5000 Naira ($10), it got me wondering why people are always complaining that “having natural hair is expensive”. Once you find the right products for your hair, you really do not have to break the bank to maintain healthy hair. These products are my absolute favorites that have been of great help on my natural hair journey and I’ve gone through at least 2 tubs/bottles of each. I use the Liquid – Cream – Oil (LCO) method to moisturize my hair and Leave-in conditioners are the creams I use. So far, these are my favorites: Continue reading “My Top 5 Leave-in Conditioners For Natural Hair”

Beauty Gallery: The Hair & Makeup Store

I often get questions regarding where to purchase hair care and beauty products and although the directory has a list of salons and stores, I decided to put the spotlight on BeautyGallery. I love that you can place  orders online and get it within 24 hours. This store retails some of my favorite hair care brands like Shea Moisture and Creme of Nature, they also stock makeup &skin care products, hair extensions and weaves ( I got this from them). Continue reading “Beauty Gallery: The Hair & Makeup Store”

Hello 2017 | Top 4 Crochet Braid Patterns

Happy New Year!

You’ve probably said and heard this a million times already but you haven’t heard it from me (except you follow me on Instagram of course). I wrote down a list of things I would like to achieve before the end of the year, some are looking quite over-the-top but I’m really working to push myself this year and  I hope you are too!

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