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DIY: Vixen Crochet

I’ve wanted to try vixen crochet braids for as long as I can remember, I finally got around to making up my mind to get it done and when I asked around, the average price to have it done at a salon is 9000 Naira. Currently, I don’t have that type of money lying around so I decided to crawl out of my lazy shell and do it myself; best decision I’ve made in a while. It is really easy to do and easier if you have a friend that can assist with the braid pattern.

What I Used

  • Bulk hair (AfriNaptural Definition Braid)
  • Latch hook
  • Paddle brush
  • Rat tail comb

How To

  • Start with clean, deep conditioned hair
  • Part the hair into two equal halves (or four, if you want a more versatile look)
  • Section a good amount of hair along the perimeter of one half.
  • Braid or flat twist the sectioned hair to get it out of the way.
  • Braid the non sectioned part of hair in a circular motion. Try to keep the braid as flat or thin as possible (you don’t want unnatural looking ponytail when trying to style this hair later)
  • Repeat on the other half.
  • Get your latch hook and start crocheting using little amount of hair for each loop.
  • When you’re satisfied with crocheting, loosen the sectioned hair around the perimeter and brush/comb to blend with the crocheted hair.

The key to getting this style right is using bulk hair that is as close to your natural hair as possible and making the braids flat. The styling possibilities are endless and maintenance is not on the high end. For this style, I used bulk hair that was supposed to mimic blown out natural hair and it did, downside was, I couldn’t keep up with using a hot comb on my natural hair; I have this irrational fear of heat damage. So I made the hair into a wig after four days and it works just as well for me. There’s a tutorial video below if you need visual guidance and tons of similar videos on YouTube to assist.

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Click to purchase bulk hair for crochet from





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14 thoughts on “DIY: Vixen Crochet”

  1. I wanted to have one of those crotchet twists installed and I went to Ikeja. The fee to make the hair ws ridiculous, but I had no other choice. It was too late and my hair needed to be made. Something that I know how to fix myself but I was just feeling lazy. See, I told myself never again. The week after I went to get the crotchet pin, and I’m just waiting for when I take out these weaves. Hello DIY


  2. Nice,you are fast becoming a Diy there another alternative to the bulk hair you used,#4k is still kinda expensive?


    1. Thanks Eucharia!
      There are other alternatives available in local markets; mostly Marley/kinky hair for 700-2000 a pack, this one just worked for the look I wanted.


  3. Please dear, what brand of “bulk hair” did you use, and how many packs did you use and what’s the price? Thanks so much. The hair looks so so good on you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Debs,
      Thanks for the compliment!
      I used the AfriNaptural Definition Braid hair, you can get it from “sthairandbeauty” on Instagram. It costs 4000 Naira for a pack, I used two.


    1. You just need the right amount of motivation; being out of money is enough motivation for me most times. Most are ridiculously easy to do and you would wonder why you never tried it in the first place, just arm yourself with YouTube and you’re good to go, really.


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