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The Thing About Bob Braids/Locs


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My exams got postponed again and I couldn’t put off blogging any longer. One trend you might have noticed is the ‘bob braids/locs’, you might have considered getting it done or have already. I did. It’s quite cheap to get done  and an easy fix for ‘when you don’t know what to do with your hair’. You get to see all the fine pictures as inspiration but I’ve not seen/heard anybody listing the cons. These are a few things you should know before you get your bob braids done;

  • It’s a good way to relive your childhood. No, seriously, take out your family photo album and look at your childhood pictures, you might see something familiar.
  • The braids get rough quickly. There’s a 90% chance the ends of your braids would be sealed by burning, the burnt ends would rub against other parts and voila! Rough braids under a week.
  • If you have sensitive skin, your neck is in for a rough time. I had tiny bumps at the back of my neck from where the burnt ends were rubbing against it and I was constantly irritated.
  • Your styling options are limited. You literally cannot pack this hair into any style, you don’t get tired and decide you want to do a bun. Nope.
  • If you have long hair, this isn’t for you, just admire from a distance and move on. I had parts of my hair at the back burnt off but I didn’t mind because I’ve been chopping off my colored tips.
  • Finally, mine didn’t look as good in person, I saw a friend’s own and I loved it. But I didn’t  accessorize mine so it only looked good in pictures and not as much in person.

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11 thoughts on “The Thing About Bob Braids/Locs”

  1. I found this page because I was looking for a way to decrease the irritability of my bob. Why doesn’t anyone else really write about this style and how the end will get caught on each other and pull on each other? Why doesn’t anyone write about how uncomfortable it is to sleep with this style? How difficult it is to pull back off your face? Lord, have mercy. Never again!


  2. Your hair is so lovely. This is the next hair on my to do list. I have memories of making this hairstyle several times when I was a little and I remember the scalds on my cheeks when the hairdresser mistakenly burnt me with wax. That was the last time. Looking forward to re-rocking it again.


  3. Thank you VERY MUCH for this list. I’ve been lusting after it but the last thing I can deal with is troublesome hair. I will be admiring from very far off


  4. What?! I like yours too. The length always matters. Where did you get yours done? I’m always thinking our nigerian stylists might not know how to do this well.

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  5. Thank you for the “con” list (hahaha). You’re so right. No one really tells you of the annoyances of the style. I’ve been eyeing this style up but I love the short look so it would suit me. No buns necessary!


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