Pixie Cut

          This post is really just an excuse to let you guys pree some pictures from the mini shoot I had for my birthday. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to have a pixie cut done but for some weird reasons, I thought it wouldn’t fit the frame of my face nicely. Three days to my birthday and I still had no idea what to do with my hair then I came across this picture online

I really liked it and since I didn’t want anything long that would irritate me in this hot weather, I decided to do it anyway. My next dilemma was where to get it done, I thought long and hard and decided to have it done in the market, yup. I think the hairdressers in the market are wayyy better than some stylists in salons and I was extremely pleased with the way the hair turned out.

I opted for a wig cap instead of a regular sew-in because I wanted it to be reuseable and I didn’t want to waste money buying a weave only to have it cut so low and discarded after about 3 weeks. This way, I can wear the wig whenever I want. My natural hair was plaited into one flat didi (inverted weaving method) to make the style lay really flat.

Make-up: Thelma (Beauty by BellaMere)


Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut






Pixie Cut





P.S: Would you guys be interested in a beauty/make-up section on this blog? I promise it wouldn’t be filled with hard techniques and all that difficult stuff.


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