An Easter Weekend in Lome, Togo

Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa bordered by Ghana to the west and Benin Republic to the east. I have been to both Ghana and Benin Republic multiple times but somehow, visiting Togo never crossed my mind. When I figured this out, I decided to schedule a weekend getaway to Lomé, it’s capital city to see a glimpse of what the country had to offer. I put out the word on Twitter and in no time, I got my travel buddies and we made plans to visit during the Easter break in 2019.

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Cape Verde 2020: No Stress

Sometime last year, I sent out a tweet saying Cape Verde would become the Dubai alternative for Nigerians looking for affordable travel. Since then, hundreds of Nigerians have trooped to Sal, one of the Archipelagos to experience the beauty that is Cape Verde. In three months, I’ll be one of them.



We’ll be staying on the beautiful island of Sal, one of the ten Archipelagos that make up  Cape Verde. When I think of Sal, I think of lounging on clean beaches, stress-free living, beautiful sunsets, good food and water activities. I’m excited to visit this May and I would love to take you along. Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, 17th – Monday, 22nd June

Cost: 145,000 Naira/$400

Slots: 4

What your fee covers

  • Airport tax
  • Airport transfers
  • 5 nights double occupancy accommodation
  • Island tour – Buracona Blue Eye, Shark Bay, Pedra de Luma Salinas, Terra Boa and Kite Beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Quad biking

The fee doesn’t include flight tickets to make allowance for fun people who would love to join from other countries. However, after making the first payment to secure a slot, I would provide all necessary assistance to help book your flight. If you’ll be joining from Nigeria, the current flight prices ranges from 145,000 to 166,000 Naira.

Kindly send an email to to make a non-refundable deposit of 50,000 Naira/$140. Balance is due on or before 30th May.


Restaurant Review: Cafeteria Nigeria



The first time I came across Cafeteria restaurant on Instagram, the promise of hangover cures on their bio caught my attention. Immediately, I added them to my must-try list and convinced my friends to come along for a restaurant review.
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Ouidah 2020: Wellness Weekend

Sometime in 2018, I stumbled upon The Ouidah Lakehouse and after sharing pictures of it on Twitter, I took a trip with 5 other amazing women to spend a few nights there. It was the best part of my entire year.

In April this year, the owner, José sent me a video highlighting the major changes he made to the Lakehouse and I knew I just had to visit again. This time, I get to carry YOU along to have the most relaxing weekend and time of your life. Continue reading “Ouidah 2020: Wellness Weekend”

How To Get The New E-Yellow Card In Nigeria

Earlier this year, the Federal Government of Nigeria announced that all old yellow cards would become invalid and a new e-yellow card would replace it instead.

What is a Yellow Card and Why Do You Need One?

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Restaurant Review: RSVP is Perfect For Date Night in Lagos

For a restaurant that has been in business for over five years in Lagos, RSVP is one of the few restaurants you can count on for good food and service every single time, they’ve definitely hacked this consistency thing.

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Weekend Getaway In Lagos – PopBeachClub

Last weekend I had the opportunity to get away from the usual hustle and bustle (my English Teacher would be proud) of central Lagos to relax with the good people of PopBeachClub.

Most beach houses/resorts in Lagos require long drives so I was relieved when I heard the locations would be Tarkwa and Ilashe as it would only require a short boat ride to both destinations. Of the two destinations, my favorite was the Tarkwa beach house and you’ll find out why shortly.

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