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Restaurant Review: Cafeteria Nigeria

The first time I came across Cafeteria restaurant on Instagram, the promise of hangover cures on their bio caught my attention. Immediately, I added them to my must-try list and convinced my friends to come along for a restaurant review.

Cafeteria is located at 16, Akin Adesola, Victoria Island. There is a hard-to-miss signpost bearing the name of the restaurant. There is an indoor and outdoor sitting area. The outdoor sitting area is easy to miss if you visit during the day but the lighting at night makes it look really beautiful.

It is easy to tell the restaurant and its staff are still trying to find their rhythm, which sometimes can be hard for a new restaurant in Lagos with everyone trying to visit and find out what the new rave is about. That aside, it took the waitress 30 minutes to offer me a menu on an iPad, the menu looks like a work in progress with sparse lunch and dinner offerings.


I ordered the chicken fontega panini and spiked raspberry iced tea while my friends got the summer house chicken salad, chicken and french fries, iced milk bubble tea and cafe mocha with baileys. Our food took over an hour to arrive because the waiters decided that attending to white customers who walked in 30 minutes after we did were more important.

At this point, brethren, I was ready to go home.

One waiter who noticed what happened came over and was very apologetic but the damage had already been done.

Eventually, we were served and thankfully, the food did not disappoint. The panini was really good and the fries had none of that staleness I’ve come to associate with most Lagos restaurants. I dislike ordering chicken when eating out because I never get the satisfaction of eating it the way I really want to, bones and all but the chicken served here was boneless so you do not have to worry about cutlery wars. The salad tasted really fresh and the dressing was a winner.

After our meal, the owner stopped by our table to apologize for the slow service and assist 2 more of our friends who joined us much later with their orders.  I’m hoping their service time and attitude improve plus they need to flesh out their menu because I would like to revisit, it is really a cute spot for breakfast dates, meetings, and small group hangouts. See menu at the end of this post, prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Summer house chicken salad – 5000 Naira

Chicken fontega panini – 4000 Naira

Chicken and french fries – 4500 Naira

Spiked raspberry iced tea – 3000 Naira

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