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Restaurant Review: RSVP is Perfect For Date Night in Lagos

For a restaurant that has been in business for over five years in Lagos, RSVP is one of the few restaurants you can count on for good food and service every single time, they’ve definitely hacked this consistency thing.

The thing is, with Lagos restaurants it’s like playing a game of roulette, today you get good service and food, tomorrow you get good food and meh service so you always have to keep your mind open to disappointments. But not with RSVP, they’ve managed to have both on lock through the years, well done guys!

For my birthday, it was a no-brainer that I decided to have dinner here. I was going to do the whole lock myself indoors and contemplate the direction my life is currently heading thing I do on my birthdays but I decided to treat myself to a make-up session and dinner instead.

RSVP seafood pappardelle

I had the Seafood Pappardelle as my main and if you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen my post raving about it. It’s no secret that I love pasta and it’s not everyday I come across the flat, broad pappardelle type in Lagos so this was a natural choice.

The pasta was well made and they weren’t stingy with the seafood, thankfully there was no fish in this. Some restaurants love to use all the different types of fish to build their seafood dishes while sprinkling one prawn on top, not RSVP.

The Seafood Pappardelle cost 6800 Naira and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try the Rabbit Pappardelle.

Another thing I like about RSVP is, they sell wines by the glass just like La Taverna so you do not have to commit to buying a whole bottle. A glass of their house white wine costs 3000 Naira and  I think the same price applies for their red wine but white wine > red wine, forever.

If you’re trying to hack surviving on a budget in Lagos like me, RSVP is great for when you’re trying to treat yourself, celebrate small wins, spend someone else’s money or leave a good impression on a date, definitely not a regular spot.

Also, if you’ll be going in a group, always try to book a table ahead.


9, Eletu Ogabi Street, Victoria Island.

Instagram: rsvplagos

Have you been to RSVP? Do you know other restaurants in Lagos you think I should try? Leave a comment below.

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