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My Top 5 Hairstyles of 2016

While going through my pictures and editing my last post for 2016 (which I’ll put out on the 31st, cliche?), I noticed I had worn over 10 protective styles this year alone and decided to showcase my favorites this year, you can also tell me yours in the comment section, I’ll really like to know. In no particular order, they are;


  • The Big-Ass Afro

Also known as Wig Lola, my friends had to beg me to retire this unit. I really loved this style and it was everyone’s favorite at a point. I think what I love most about this style is that it’s so easy to just throw on, mimics natural 4b/c hair and is always a stunner!

  • The Fashion Week Hair

This was another stunner and a daring unit for me. Getting me to wear colored hair is a struggle, so when the nice lady at BeautyGallery suggested this color, naturally, I refused. But then I decided to go outside my comfort zone to try it and I’m glad I did! I already have plans for re-using and switching up the style next year.

  • Ombre Crotchet Twists

This was love at first sight. I was gifted this hair by Boluwa, It was such a joy to work with it and the pop of color was rereshing. Before I received it, I wasn’t even aware that crotchet twists could come in ombre colors. I featured this hair in a guest post that was on another website but then reblogged that here

  • The Zoe Unit

This is a recent addition to my wig collection but I love it so much and just had to include it on this list, I’ll definitely still wear this in 2017 just because I feel I haven’t worn enough. Good thing is, you can purchase this particular unit by sending an email to 

  •  The Blow-out Unit

I honestly already forgot all about this wig that mimics blown out natural hair, everyone thought this was my hair . Funny thing is, I wore this wig everywhere but have just like 5 pictures of it. I haven’t seen it in a while so it’s either I abandoned it somewhere or one of my friends is helping me do justice to it. But in all, it’s definitely a favorite.

Which was your fave and what style would you like to see next year?

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