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Hello 2017 | Top 4 Crochet Braid Patterns

Happy New Year!

You’ve probably said and heard this a million times already but you haven’t heard it from me (except you follow me on Instagram of course). I wrote down a list of things I would like to achieve before the end of the year, some are looking quite over-the-top but I’m really working to push myself this year and  I hope you are too!

I think by now it’s quite clear that the crochet trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and crochet patterns lay the foundation for any beautiful crochet style. I fell in love with crochet styles 2 years ago and this DIY: Crochet Extensions With Kinky Hair got so much love and inspired some people to try the trend. I decided to start the year with a crochet style which I’m currently loving and also show braid patterns you can use to achieve most crochet styles

  • Simple All-back 

This is the most popular crochet pattern. You can easily section your hair, make 8-12 cornrows all going towards the back of your head and bam you’re done! Super easy and goes well with most styles.


  • Vixen Crochet Method

I used this to install my Vixen Crochet with Afro-definition braid style and you would definitely need help with this one, but we all have that one friend we can bribe with food so this shouldn’t be a problem. I love the versatility of this particular pattern, you can easily switch up styles as often as you would like.


  • The Beehive

This used to be the foundation for most sew-in installs back then before sew-in became a really technical something. For me, this works really well for ponytail and fringe/bang styles only.


  • The U-part All-back

This one is similar to the simple all-back except some cornrows in the middle or side of the hair are joined together before braiding all the way back. This style is great for super defined parts – centre or side.


Have you tried any of these patterns or crochet styles?

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17 thoughts on “Hello 2017 | Top 4 Crochet Braid Patterns”

  1. I think I will go all there with crotchet installs this year. I made it only twice last year and just the twists look. I should explore the afro style and weaves look


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