On Hair Types & Stereotypes


When I had my first big chop, I knew nothing about hair types and I would sit for hours watching Youtube videos of girls with 3C hair transform their curly hair into different amazing styles. After watching, I would sit in front of my mirror pulling and tugging at my thin, 4C hair and willing it to transform into what I had just seen to no avail. Fast forward to 6 months later, I came across another Youtube video that explained all about natural hair and hair typing, it was an aha moment for me, I started seeing and treating my hair differently after that.

Why should you know your hair type?

  • Helps in determining products that would work best for your hair.
  • Helps you know hairstyles that would favor your hair type.
  • Helps you understand your hair better

Read all about Type 1 hair Here

Read all about Type 2 hair Here

Read all about Type 3 hair Here

Read all about Type 4 hair here

Moving on, I was walking on my own past a group of girls when I heard ” her hair looks dirty” WHAAAATTTT? My inner ninja wanted to turn back and show off some of my non-existent moves when I realized I was outnumbered and just kept on walking. So far, these are some of the funniest and untrue stereotypes I’ve heard


  • Natural hair is dirty and unkempt
  • Natural hair is tough/unmanageable
  • Girls with natural hair detest/envy those with relaxed hair
  • Maintaining natural hair is expensive
  • Girls with natural hair are stubborn/rebellious/feminists

What is your hair type? Have you fallen victim of these/other stereotypes? Do share.


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9 thoughts on “On Hair Types & Stereotypes”

  1. My hair type is predominantly 4a with looser coils at the back.
    Oh I’ve gotten the ‘your hair looks rough, hard to touch, scattered”
    I like when I clear people’s doubt and tell them to touch my hair just so they know it isn’t that “hard to touch’, their reaction is always priceless and pleasing.
    I think we generalize too much especially this part of the world where if your hair isn’t relaxed, people would think you belong to a certain religious group or you’re a dirty person, very wrong.


  2. Ehnnn! How rude. They couldn’t wait for you to be out of earshot? Mschew
    Today a medical officer asked me when I’m going to “make” my hair. I said I’m not, I like it like this. He said well he doesn’t. Like I give a hoot what he likes! I was planning to do twists soon but I’ll wait a couple more weeks, just to spite him😡


    1. Like! LMAOOO. My lecturer once told me “you look like a patient not a medical officer” and I just started laughing. Someday all these would be over, hopefully.


  3. 4C Girl here!! Love your article, did the same thing, now I know every style I see, even if to is the same texture, is going to come out looking completely different on my hair but its OK, cause that what!makes our styles unique. You van have 5 naturals do the same twists outs and all are different, you just gotta love that :D, I get the, Ohhhh, it’s so soft and occasionally, Uhhh, its not a wig, hahaha.


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