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50 Shades of Grey?

I’m typing this post in tears. Literally. Remember my faux locs from Tunmise Naturals Salon? It’s gone. The hair was terrible after just two weeks and I had to take it out the third week. I know I was going for the whole dreads ‘dada’ look but it was truly horrible, my front hair was a mess, the hair used to wrap was coming undone and despite my efforts to rewrap and burn; epic fail. If I ever consider doing faux locs in the future, I am so doing it myself! These pictures  were taken in the second week.

The style was very low maintenance; Spritz with water and leave-in conditioner and apply coconut oil thrice a week. Apply castor oil to my edges day and night. By the way, there’s finally a noticeable growth along my hairline.  Hallelujah.

Want to install faux locs yourself? Read this


Is your hair currently in any protective style? Which?

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21 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey?”

  1. If i paid 10k for a style I had to remove it before it was due. i’d go back to the salon and tell them to re-do it no lie. And if they refused, lets just they would lose more money than they saved, i’d warn EVERYONE off them. It’s so sad you had to waste your money like that 😦 *hugs* I agree, you could set a day aside to do them yourself, at least then you know whats going on.




    1. Lol, you’re better than me. The ijebu in me wouldnt allow me to rest until i did so hahahaha.


  2. Nooooo, not your big money hair! 😩😩 I’m right here crying with you! Pele. My hair is currently in mini-twists that I installed myself on Tuesday. I intend to carry them for 4 weeks this time, for the time & stress & protective styling intent to be worth it. Now the thing is my scalp itches which is super strange because I don’t have an itchy scalp. The devil is a liar because I am NOT going to wash this hair till it’s 2 weeks old. Not ready for the extra frizz that comes with that! Sorry again about your locs!


  3. Noooo….Tell me your kidding!! why nau…It still looks very cute, a little bit messy, but talk about the locs unravellling…They certainly haven’t perfected their wrapping skills and they are charging so much.. ugh..this just killed all the high hopes i had for this style..-_- Sorry dear.


    1. I kid not 😐these pictures were taken in the 2nd week, it wa horrible by the third. You can go ahead and try the style, just make sure the wrapping is tight.


  4. Sorry to hear that sweets, that’s a pain!!!!!! On the other hand, yay for using castor oil, its really great for our tresses. I am doing twists for protective styling right now but going to try flat twists in a day or two. Wish you the best and I love your pictures 😀 you are gorgeous!!!!


  5. LOL! I can imagine your annoyance right now, after hoping to take this style for two months and parting away with almost N10000, pissed is even an understatement.
    Lesson learned, you can do faux locs yourself, you just have to set a whole day for it.


    1. Aww, you can stick to wash and go’s if that’s your thing.
      My hair has been out for a week+ and I’ve been styling on an old twist-out.


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