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Mara Cruiz Organics is a Nigerian owned brand that specializes in producing natural products for hair and skin care. I was fortunate to receive their entire adult hair care range for my personal use and another set to gift a lucky person who would be able to share my experience. The first thing that endeared me to this brand is the affordability and lovely smell! A lot of people I’ve come across are always eager to try indigenous brands but then get put off by the ridiculous prices. The ingredients for each products are safe for natural hair and to prevent this post from being tiresome, I’ve included links to view the complete list of ingredients for each product. They also have a child friendly range specially formulated  to care for children’s hair.

Moisturizing Natural Shampoo

Price: 1000 Naira

Ingredients: Click here to view

My Experience

I was skeptical before using this product because I’ve not had pleasant experiences with shampoos that have black soap as the main base but this totally blew me away, it lathered really well and my hair wasn’t dry afterwards.  It has a nice tingly feel and smells really good.

Rating: 9/10

Nourishing Rinse-Out Conditioner

Price: 1500 Naira

Ingredients: Click here to view

My Experience

I’m not exactly a fan of rinse out conditioners because I mostly do hot oil treatments before shampooing so I just skip this step and go straight to deep conditioning. However, because I did not do a hot oil treatment before using the shampoo, I noticed that this softened my hair considerably well and worked just okay as a detangler on dry hair when used subsequently.

Rating: 7/10

Hair Mayonnaise

Price: 2000 Naira

Ingredients: Click here to view

My experience

I used the mayonnaise as a deep conditioner after washing for an hour and it worked really well to soften and bring out my curls. But, being the doubting Thomas that I am, I decided to also try it on a 4 day old dry braid out and I still had the same results. I’ll recommend this for moisture treatments.

Rating: 8/10


Moisturizing & Detangling Leave-in Conditioner

Price: 1800 Naira

Ingredients: Click here to view

My Experience

This product smells amazing and did not exactly do wonders on my hair probably because I recently had a dye job, again!  Because I already had a premonition one or two of the products might not be well suited for colored hair, I had my friend, T, who has never had  a dye job and has dense 4C hair try out the entire line too, her hair was well moisturized and softer when compared to mine. I absolutely dislike that this had to be the one product in the entire line that confirmed my suspicion.

Rating: 8/10

Moisturizing Hair Cream

Price: 1800 Naira

Ingredients: Click here to view

My Experience

This also promises to add moisture to your hair and there was a noticeable difference in my hair when I combined it with the leave-in conditioner for my LCO method. My hair was softer and better behaved when compared to using the leave-in conditioner alone. Once again, great smell, the smell of most of the products can be likened to that of bubble gum, seriously.

Rating: 8/10


Hair Growth Stimulator Oil

Price: 2000 Naira

Ingredients: Click here to view

My Experience

This oil blend smells like jollof rice. Honestly. I had to go over the ingredients again to satisfy my curiosity. I’m not into products that promise hair growth so I can’t tell you that this would grow your hair within a specified time period but it is amazing for scalp massages and hot oil treatments. Did I mention it smells like jollof rice? Win.

Rating: 8/10
The Hair mayonnaise and hair cream have a shelf life of 6 months so ensure you’re putting them to good use in that time frame.

You can purchase MaraCruizOrganics products at and connect with them on Instagram and Twitter

I truly enjoyed using these products from a Nigerian brand, I’ve had not so pleasant experiences with some made in Nigeria products in the past and this just absolves the rest from any lingering misgivings I might still have, because I want someone else to share this experience with me, I’ll be giving away a full range of the adult hair kit containing all the products reviewed above. The process is really easy, nothing arduous or annoying.

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  • Post the image below on your Instagram page and tag 2 friends
  • Use the hashtags #Nappyhairedgiveaway and #MaraCruizOrganics

This giveaway is open to only Nigerian residents and would end on the 1oth of August 2016. A winner would be announced on the 11th of August 2016. Winner would be chosen by random selection and not according to number of likes garnered.


You can use the discount code “NappyhairedGiveaway” to get 20% off these already reasonable priced items on checkout at This code expires on the 18th of August.

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  1. Wow, their prices are so good! I hear you on those exorbitant prices on certain products. One small tub of conditioner for 6-8k is not even practical to me


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