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Quick Tip: Get Your Edges Back in Five Minutes

Hey Guys!
I know how I promised to stay away from blogging because of exams but I couldn’t resist sharing this real quick. If the edges of your hair are anything like mine; sparse, stubborn and slow to grow, this is for you. On a normal day, this is how my edges look


I decided to just let my hair be this exam period, no protective styling, so I can pour water on my head whenever I feel like because I’m always having headaches. Anyway, I’m currently rocking an amazing twist out; if I do say so myself and I decided to put it in a puff today and my terrible edges just kept staring back at me in the mirror, I couldn’t cry but I was determined to rock a puff. I had just done my eyebrows with a brow pencil and it occurred to me that I could ‘fill’ in my edges the same way I fill in my eyebrows ! Yes, you can thank me when you’ve tried it


Quick length check; I like the progress my hair is making so far and to think that it’s just one year post big chop. Yay ! The picture on the left is from when I finished taking Hairfinity and the right is today.


14 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Get Your Edges Back in Five Minutes”

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  2. Laughing so hard right now. JBCO is what i use for edges though, still struggling with it. Please, which one is inverted method o???


  3. Your growth is awesome I’m right in between the two pictures. How long did it take you to get from one length to the other?


    1. Oh gosh what do you do?! Lol I’m trying to get from nose tip to lip by Christmas, tell me your ways lol


    2. Lol, I’ve mostly been protective styling with weaves all year but my stylist uses the inverted weaving method, lately I’ve been trying to eat healthy and exercise, I think that has helped with growth and of course my beloved castor oil. Hope this helps


    3. Yeah that’s really helpful I’m trying to commit to being healthier too. Unfortunately I’m allergic to castor oil 😒 lol. But thanks.


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