Featured on African Naturalistas

I’m not sure where to begin or if I truly deserve your forgiveness for being scarce with posts but I know you love me and would forgive me so this is me saying typing “I’m sorry”. I’m finally done with my exams so more time to blog plus I’ve just been trying to enjoy life and have fun this past month. Earlier this month, I got featured by the wonderful people at African Naturalistas, it was my first time of being featured ever so please do check it out with the link below 
Research And Stick With Whatever Works For Your Natural Hair: Mane Matters With Alexandria

I haven’t forgotten about the proposed beauty/makeup category on the blog and I’m working with an amazing friend to make that happen come January 2016. If you would like to get a sneak peek on the first beauty post before hand, do subscribe to the blog via email. 

Also, The ‘5 Things I’m Loving This Week’ category would be be back this weekend.

There’s a Christmas/End-of-the-year giveaway coming soon, you might want to follow the social media pages to get it on the action, deets below;
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