Review: 2015

Happy Holidays!

2015 was definitely a good year for the blog, personally? Not so much. I’m just grateful to be alive and thankful for family and friends. And you guys, of course! I noticed the DIY posts got more love than others even though they were written last year, more DIY posts next year maybe?

Top 5 Posts 

If you missed any of the above posts, just click on them and you would be redirected to the pages. 2015 milestones include;

  • Total number of views for 2015 tripled thatof 2014 (Whaaaaaat?!!)
  • There were more commenters on the blog than last year.
  • Had the first giveaway posts.

P.S: I’m planning a huge one for my birthday next year since I never celebrate, might as well celebrate with my readers, subscribe to the blog via email for more details on that.

I would like to appreciate you guys for the views, comments, shares and likes. Although this blog is nowhere near what I want it to be, it has definitely exceeded my expectations with your help.

I am most grateful to Sandra of NaijaGirlNextDoor and the forever anonymous girl at NaijaSingleGirl; they were part of the top commenters and their sites referred lots of readers to mine. Also thankful to Jen of NigerianAndNatural and Nafisah of Coily Head of Hair for being among the top commenters.

Wishing you all a prosperous and happiness filled new year ahead. Don’t forget to subscribe and tell your friends and families about the blog.
How I Transformed Brazillian Wool Twists

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8 thoughts on “Review: 2015”

  1. Aww dear. You are welcome. I just read all your posts I have missed since December and stumbled on this. I hope it’s not too late to say Happy new year. 🙂
    I wish you more traffic, more comments, more features, more collaborations, more money and more hair. AMEN


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