Natural Hair; Fad, Trend or In-thing?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous
post, I’m a student at the College of
Medicine and we just newly
resumed from our 6 months long
break. At first, I didnt pay attention,
but then as more students
resumed, I began to notice the
number of girls who were sporting
short natural hair-cuts and tiny
fros, some tinted while others still
retained their natural colors.
I’ve also been away from the
social media scene for a while due
to my preparations for my exams
(which I’m finally done with btw!
Whoop!), so while going through
my Tl this past two days, I was
surprised to notice the amount of
females who were asking
questions pertaining to natural hair
styles, products, protective styles
and everything else natural. So it
got me thinking, is natural hair
becoming a movement in Nigeria?
A fashion thing? Are girls going
natural because they want to or
because others are doing it? Are
Nigerian females really ditching
their sleek, permed hair for the fro?
Are they ready for the level of
commitment that comes with
maintaining natural hair?


Reposted from my previous blog.