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Gidi Culture Festival 2015

I had the opportunity to attend Gidi Culture Festival with my friends yesterday courtesy; . It held at Eko Atlantic and was scheduled to start by 12 but was delayed till 5 so we went to Silverbird Galleria to cool off instead and when we got back at 4:30, the whole place was buzzing with activities, the food arena just kept calling out to me, there was more than enough to eat and drink an a display of artworks for sale. Unfortunately, i couldn’t stay till the end of the program, so I didn’t get to watch most of the artistes perform. Enjoy the pictures I took of the artworks that caught my eye.
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5 Things I’m Loving This Week


1.) Nigeria

This past week made me really proud of my country. I usually like to remain neutral on the subject of politics because I’m not well versed in it, but seeing the way Nigerians came together in the days leading to the announcement of our new president sparked something in me.

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