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The Thing About Bob Braids/Locs


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50 Shades of Grey?

I’m typing this post in tears. Literally. Remember my faux locs from Tunmise Naturals Salon? It’s gone. The hair was terrible after just two weeks and I had to take it out the third week. I know I was going for the whole dreads ‘dada’ look but it was truly horrible, my front hair was a mess, the hair used to wrap was coming undone and despite my efforts to rewrap and burn; epic fail. If I ever consider doing faux locs in the future, I am so doing it myself! These pictures  were taken in the second week.

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Tunmise Naturals Salon


147b Ogunlana drive, opposite taxi park, Masha roundabout, Surulere, Lagos.
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DIY: Marley Faux Locs

Hey Guys!
After getting a lot of nice compliments on my crochet braids, I decided to push myself a bit further and when a friend mentioned faux locs, I was like why not? However, my eagerness and enthusiasm made me overlook some important things; like time! With our combined efforts, it took us over 8 hours to finish this hair! For someone like me, that is a lot of time to spend and it was exhausting. In the future, I’d rather do this over the weekend and take my time with it.


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