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Trendy Hairstyles From Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015

This year I got to attend fashion week courtesy the good people of Dark and Lovely (you can view my experience last year here), natural hair and braids were everywhere I turned from guests to the runway models. It felt good to know that more people (yes! There were guys too) than I thought are embracing natural hair, I  had quite an eyeful and these were my favorite looks;

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Daltimore Collections Debuts ”URBANITY”

Nigerian fashion label Daltimore presents a debut collection titled:
U R B A N I T Y (A native Danshiki inspired collection)
The collection was borne out of the need to create timeless pieces that could be viewed as both comfortable and stylish. The URBANITY pieces shows the grandeur of an urban man and woman through androgynous pieces which are an eclectic blend of urban fashion and native culture, each piece telling its own story.

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Gidi Culture Festival 2015

I had the opportunity to attend Gidi Culture Festival with my friends yesterday courtesy; . It held at Eko Atlantic and was scheduled to start by 12 but was delayed till 5 so we went to Silverbird Galleria to cool off instead and when we got back at 4:30, the whole place was buzzing with activities, the food arena just kept calling out to me, there was more than enough to eat and drink an a display of artworks for sale. Unfortunately, i couldn’t stay till the end of the program, so I didn’t get to watch most of the artistes perform. Enjoy the pictures I took of the artworks that caught my eye.
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GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014

Hey Guys!

I had the privilege of covering Lagos Fashion Design Week courtesy of Fayrouz. i was granted an all access pass and I must say it is one of the coolest things to have ever happened to me. because of all my camera issues, I was unable to get as much pictures as I would have liked, so please manage the few ones I was able to lay my hands on.

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