Go Colourful or Go Home!

 Hi guys!

I’ve been trying out different eyeshadow colours these days and I’ve been loving them. Hence the saying I came across recently “life is just too short for boring colours”.


Here are some of the colourful looks I did!


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It breaks my heart when my favourite makeup products drops and shatters into pieces. Most especially if it is a new product. The feeling is indescribable! Just beyond words. But the good thing is that you don’t have to throw it away. Although this solution isn’t just for shattered products but also for cream eyeshadows, blush or liners that has dried out. Like I said you do not need to get rid of them.


Life Lately | Jan – March


Hair  – I’m at that point where I feel like my hair isn’t growing even though I know it is. I’ve promised myself I would not do a length check till mid year. I don’t think I’ve gotten over cutting my dyed ends but it was so worth it. Since the beginning  of the year, I haven’t been to a salon to get a weave fixed or have my hair braided, I’ve just been enjoying the freedom that comes with wearing wigs. I even got to style hair for my friend-cum-designer.


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Valentine Inspired Look

It’s the season of LOVE !!!❤️

Several plans have been made for this day whether it’s a girl’s night out, going on a date with that special someone or with your family. Valentine is about appreciating the people you love, showing love, and being happy. For the ladies, it isn’t really easy when trying to figure out what to wear, what hairstyle to do or how your makeup will look for that special occasion but here’s a look you can pretty much rock without overwhelming your partner. Remember keeping it simple and beautiful! You want to look good but in a way that your partner would still recognise you.

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Eyebrow 101 (Eyebrows are sisters not twins)

Drawing your eyebrows may seem easy but it’s one of the most difficult thing to do perfectly. It’s either you draw one perfectly and drawing the second one could be a thug of war, or you end up with an over emphasised arch, or maybe one looks thinner while the other looks thicker. There are several challenges we face when drawing the perfect brows. Here are few tips that can help you to achieve your perfectly shaped brows:

Things you need:

* Brow pencil/ eyebrow filler

* Spoolie/ eyebrow brush

* concealer

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Review: 2015

Happy Holidays!

2015 was definitely a good year for the blog, personally? Not so much. I’m just grateful to be alive and thankful for family and friends. And you guys, of course! I noticed the DIY posts got more love than others even though they were written last year, more DIY posts next year maybe?

Top 5 Posts 

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5 Things I’m Loving This Week


1.) Nigeria

This past week made me really proud of my country. I usually like to remain neutral on the subject of politics because I’m not well versed in it, but seeing the way Nigerians came together in the days leading to the announcement of our new president sparked something in me.

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What’s In Your Bag?

I got tagged by Ekene of TheKinkAndI in this post to do this and I just stared at the mess in my bag and was like

“Do I really want the world to see this?”

On a regular day, my bag is usually filled with books and the most random things you could ever think of, like a spoon (because, foodie) which I would exclude from this post, but so far, I think these are the constant things you would find in my bag.

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Review: 2014

Hey Guys!
Happy Holidays!
I know I’m late but I had to take time off to spend with my family, I don’t know when next I would get a long holiday like this. Earlier today, I got a mail from the good people at WordPress, it was a review of my blog for the year 2014 and I decided to share. Starting a hair blog was kind of an impromptu decision for me and although I’m grateful for how far I’ve come, I know I could have done a lot better.
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