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A Travel Guide To Bridgetown, Barbados

After my Gibraltar trip, I was itching to go somewhere with warmer weather and settled on a Senegal + Gambia trip. Unfortunately, there were hiccups with the planning and I had to bump Barbados up on my travel list. Asides associating the country with Rihanna, I barely knew anything about Barbados so this trip was both an educative and entertaining one. Also, watching videos from the country’s transition ceremony to a republic on the 30th of November last year ramped my excitement to visit the beautiful island of Barbados.

Where is Barbados

Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean region of The Americas. On average, it is a 9-hour direct flight from The UK. Bridgetown is the capital and the largest town.

What currency is used in Barbados?

The official currency is The Barbadian Dollar but most merchants accept the US Dollar.

1 US Dollar = 2 Barbadian Dollars

Do I need a visa to visit Barbados?

At the time of writing this, Barbados is visa-free for Nigerians and citizens of most countries. You can confirm entry requirements here.

What is the best time of the year to visit Barbados?

I lost count of the number of times locals said a variation of “It’s always summer in Barbados”. You can visit Barbados at any time of the year but you might want to keep an eye out for their carnival season a.k.a Crop Over. Crop Over is the most festive and colorful time of the year in Barbados, it involves a whole month of parades, live music and partying from dawn to sunset. Crop over marks the end of the sugar cane crop season and dates back to 1687 when Barbados was the world’s largest producer of sugar. The festive period usually runs from July to August.

Covid-19 Protocol

I had to show a negative PCR test result and proof of vaccination upon arriving in Bridgetown. The officials at the airport took the checks seriously and it was impressive to note that everyone wore masks everywhere we went throughout our stay in the country. For up-to-date travel guidelines, you can check

The complete travel guide to Bridgetown, Barbados: what to do, where to stay and places to visit

What to do in Barbados

  • Learn about the history of rum, engage in rum tasting and finish off with a buffet dinner at The Mount Gay visitor’s center.
  • Book an island safari tour to see the best parts of the country.
  • Snorkel in the clear, blue waters then watch the sunset while on a boat cruise.
  • Try the street food especially fish cakes and Oistin’s Friday night fish fry.
  • Visit the flower forest botanical garden.
  • Sneak in a full lazy day at the beach followed by massages.
  • Have dinner at the scenic La Cabane by the beach serenaded by live music.
  • Book an adventure day at Harrison’s Cave.
  • Go on a walking self guided tour

Where to stay in Bridgetown, Barbados

There is a wide range of accommodation options to suit almost any budget in Barbados. From high-end beach resorts like Sugar Bay to apartments like Adulo. Be sure to make comparisons on and AirBnB to find a suitable option. I divided my stay between Adulo and Sweetfield Manor.

Getting Around Barbados

There is no Uber in Barbados. Most hotels will be able to help book a taxi when you need one but you might not get good fares. We were lucky to come across Mr. Enson on our walking tour, he had the fairest prices and was kind enough to point out places and talk about the history behind them on our rides. You can book his services via mail or phone 246-284-9187.

My Barbados trip was definitely one for the books and I’m grateful I was able to create memories I would cherish forever. If you are still contemplating visiting the beautiful country of Barbados, this is your sign to take the first step and book that flight. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Alexandria, good post; I’m here at the moment and have been looking for guidance from blogs, but think you have the exchange rate the wrong way round, its 1 US = 2 BD.


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