Alternative Hangout in Lagos: Go Paintballing

If I had a dollar for every complain of how Lagos hangout/date scene almost always involves restaurants and food, I would have a house in Banana Island right now. I decided to start the Alternative Hangout in Lagos series to highlight all the other fun things you can do in Lagos. However, I cannot promise that they won’t involve food at some point or the other.

What better way to kick off the series than with an activity that allows you to release some of the pent-up frustration that comes with living in Lagos. The best part about paintballing is the intensity and excitement. Okay, maybe also the fact that I got to act out my secret agent fantasy while others got to recreate scenes from Call of Duty. Whatever you do, ensure you wear comfortable shoes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty and select the camo overalls because they’re the thickest and offer some protection from the impact of the bullets.

There are two major paintball arenas in Lagos; one on the mainland and the other on the island. The pricing of both is very similar but I went with the one on the mainland because of the ease of communication and friendliness of their handler.

Nigeria Ultimate Paintball is located at Ziggies Compound in Magodo Phase 2. You can reach them on +2347080750055. For 6,500 Naira, you get overalls, a gun and 50 paintball bullets. You’ll pay an additional 1,500 Naira for extra 50 bullets.

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I loved the experience so much that I signed up for a monthly membership immediately after my session. The membership allows unlimited visits for the month and 500 bullets. However, because I bruise easily and had visible bruises from the bullets two weeks after my session, I’ll be giving out my membership for the month of November. Leave a comment with your Instagram handle and I’ll be in touch with the lucky winner.

22 thoughts on “Alternative Hangout in Lagos: Go Paintballing”

  1. Yaaay! I’ve always wanted to paintball, winning this slot will mean a lot to me as I’m an introvert and I hardly get to have fun,lol….IG@joolad__


  2. Yaaay! I’ve always wanted to paintball, winning this slot will mean a lot to me as I’m an introvert and I hardly get to have, IG@joolad__


  3. Heyyy, absolutely lovely and I enjoy paint balling. November is my birth month and I did like to get this giveaway as it would make my birthday more memorable and special for me

    Amalaa_obioraa that’s my IG handle


  4. So thoughtful of you, thank you!😃
    Well living my secret agent fantasy would be it for me as well 😄. I get to shoot a gun and not hear Chike singing soldier in my head. I would really love to be the lucky winner.
    I.G: @lenoir.debonair


  5. Finally a way to relieve stress and have fun at the same time. I will really love to go paintballing. My IG handle: @ademikanre


  6. Heyy I’d like to try this when this is over. I live close to Magodo. IG: @Jenniferamarhavwie.
    I’m looking forward to see other alternative hangouts


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