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Weekend Getaway in Lagos: Epe Resort and Spa

Epe Resort and Spa is a hidden gem located on the outskirts of Lagos. My first visit to Epe was in 2018 to explore Epe Mangroves, we visited on a Sunday when the roads were free so the journey time was short. This time around, our road trip to Epe Resort & Spa from Surulere lasted over 8 hours because we had to pick members of our group at different locations along the way.

There are two pinned locations for Epe Resort and Spa on Google Maps, the pin situated on the Ikorodu-Epe road is the correct one. On arrival at the entrance of the resort, we were each offered a pump of hand sanitizer and our temperatures were checked. While driving up the pathway that led to the reception, I could immediately tell we were going to have a relaxing weekend, the environment just whispers serenity. At the front desk, the super helpful concierge, Emmanuel, confirmed our reservation and showed us to our rooms.

There are three categories of rooms at Epe Resort & Spa – Superior Garden Room, Deluxe Garden Room and Luxury Garden Suite. We stayed in the Luxury Garden Suite which costs 60,000 Naira per night. The Luxury Garden Suite is twice the size of the other rooms, has a dedicated vanity area and a tub. All rooms come with complimentary breakfast for two.

Weekend Getaway in Lagos at Epe Resort and Spa

Although there is a restaurant at Epe resort and spa, not everything listed on the menu was available and we would’ve done well to avoid certain dishes after trying the limited breakfast options. While ordering, it’s advisable to take the safe route with either rice or fries meals.

While making our reservation, I was notified that the pool and spa areas would be closed due to COVID-19. However, they were open throughout our stay. I wasn’t keen on getting into a pool with strangers so I didn’t feel like I was missing out. We spent our time playing games, painting, watching movies and screaming at midnight partaking in late night karaoke.

My favorite part of our stay was the time we spent on the rooftop. The rooftop overlooks part of the beautiful greenery and lake in Epe. Watching the sunset from up there was a very beautiful sight. If you make it to Epe resort and spa sometime next year or post COVID, be sure to request for the full Epe tour to the fish market on your day of departure and the mangroves if you’ve never visited.

You can reach Epe Resort and Spa by phone on +2348131838014 or by mail Be sure to ask for available discounts before making payment.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway in Lagos: Epe Resort and Spa”

  1. You were really fast with this!
    I was truly hoping you’d share details and I am grateful that you did.
    Shocked at the 8 hour journey but it does seem like it was worth it.

    Thank you for the tips too! ❤️


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