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Weekend Getaway In Lagos – PopBeachClub

Last weekend I had the opportunity to get away from the usual hustle and bustle (my English Teacher would be proud) of central Lagos to relax with the good people of PopBeachClub.

Most beach houses/resorts in Lagos require long drives so I was relieved when I heard the locations would be Tarkwa and Ilashe as it would only require a short boat ride to both destinations. Of the two destinations, my favorite was the Tarkwa beach house and you’ll find out why shortly.


PopBeachClub – Tarkwa

Pop Beach Club - TarkwaPop Beach Club - TarkwaPop Beach Club - TarkwaPop Beach Club - TarkwaPop Beach Club - TarkwaPop Beach Club - Tarkwa

The beach house at  Tarkwa is relatively new and was launched last year so you’ll expect it to be in a better condition than the one at Ilashe. You can take a boat ride from the numerous jetty points in Lagos – Bonny Jetty, CMS Jetty, Paradise jetty among others for as low as 500 Naira to Tarkwa Bay where the beach house is located.

There are 6 Cabanas with 3 beds each where we chose to sleep for the night to get the feel of outdoor camping. We were provided with mosquito nets and insect repellents at night.

There’s a kitchen and 2 grill pits so you could bring along your own foodstuff to cook. There’s the Tarkwa Cafe that sells food but after my last experience there, I wouldn’t recommend it to my enemy. There are mini food stalls on the beach but if you get too lazy to take a walk, you can call Mr. Dayo 08123687285 and he’ll hook you up, his charming personality makes up for his small food portions.

I loved how serene and relaxing this location was compared to the Ilashe one. There’s a pool I couldn’t get into because Mother Nature is the boss of my life but I enjoyed watching others playing and splashing away in the pool. At night, we played various games and had honest conversations I would hold dear for a long time.

The Pop beach house at Tarkwa has 5 double rooms ensuite that cost 30 000 Naira each per night. The entire beach house can sleep a maximum of 32 persons and costs 480 000 Naira per night. However, you get 30% off these prices if you book this January ahead of any week(end) throughout the year! Click here to book.

If you would like to be part of a staycation here from 9th – 10th February for 15 000 Naira only, leave me a message here and I’ll get back to you with more details.


PopBeachClub – Ilashe 


The Pop Beach House at Ilashe is your traditional Lagos beach house but infused with more pop of colors. The fun, bright colors are unmistakable at both locations.

We got here quite late so there was no time to partake in any activity, everyone just wanted a cool bath, food, and sleep. The next morning we were to go on a long hike where I turned back halfway because like I said in my Hiking At Ado Awaye post, long hikes are not my idea of fun. I was regaled with tales of beautiful beach houses when others got back from the hike but I had zero feelings of FOMO.

The Ilashe beach house is perfect for daytime hangouts and parties. There are Cabanas available for rent and two one-storey buildings housing chalets and bathrooms comfortable enough for 4 people each located adjacent to the main Pop compound. You can hire the chalets for 60 000 Naira per night or get a day pass for the Cabanas which you can share with friends at 50 000 Naira. Click here to purchase.


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