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5 Places To Stay On Your Next Vacation In Benin Republic

There’s this thing about Nigerians when we travel, we like to duplicate other people’s travel experiences instead of creating new ones for ourselves. For example, the most popular destination for Nigerian travelers seeking to unwind for a couple of days is Benin Republic, quite easy to get to without a flight ticket and doesn’t leave a hole in the pocket.

Now the most popular place for Nigerians to stay while vacationing in Benin Republic is Casa Del Papa simply because that is where “everyone” stays while in the country. I think it’s a lovely spot but I also think people should be more open to trying out other places and creating new experiences for themselves.

Benin Marina 2

Recently, I curated a list of places to stay in while in Benin Republic for a group of female travelers and guess where they ended up? Yes, Casa Del Papa. I decided to post the list here instead for the Nigerian traveler who is open to new adventures.


1.) L’Hacienda

Want a serene, relaxing holiday? L’Hacienda offers a quiet getaway from the city’s distractions. Relax in the private garden all day with your favorite book, take a swim or book one of the easily accessible tours when you get bored. This place is perfect for solo travelers or groups of 3/4. Get more information here.

Benin Marina

2.) Benin Marina

Want to live la vida loca and take advantage of all that Cotonou has to offer including its nightlife activities? Benin Marina is your spot. There’s a big golf course, tennis court and swimming pool on site. Luckily for you, the staff here speak good English so you don’t have to worry about stringing words from a small French dictionary. See more here

Nature Luxury Lodge

3.) Nature Luxury Lodge

This is a secluded cabin with a large expanse of beachfront opposite the property. It is perfect for group trips of not more than 6 persons. You’ll have to do all your cooking yourselves but there’s caretaker on ground to assist and help arrange for tours. You could start a barbecue, go tube rafting or hire a canoe from the locals to go sightseeing. See more here

Villa San Miguel

4.)  Villa San Miguel

This is perfect for group travels. With 4 bedrooms that can accommodate 8 guests, you would have the entire villa complete with a private beach to yourselves during your trip! It is also close to most of the major tourist attractions in Ouidah. You can find booking information here

Le Jardin Secret

5.)  Le Jardin Secret

If you like old, traditional lodges with a rich history, this place would be perfect for you. It is a short walking distance from the most popular tourist attraction in Benin Republic; Temple du Python. It is also close to other sites like Porte du Non-retour and Foret Sacree de Kpasse which is good for hiking. To book and get more information, click here.

A quick search on popular sites like Booking or AirBnB would provide you with many other options for your stay in the Benin Republic. These places are perfect for both solo and group trips. I can only hope you’re at least tempted to be more adventurous and seek to create unique experiences on your next trip to Benin Republic or elsewhere on the map. Want to plan a trip to Benin Republic from Nigeria but not sure how to go about it? I have a comprehensive guide that includes details of a private driver and fun, touristy things to do, click here to view it.

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Have you been to Benin Republic? Where did you stay while on holiday?

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11 thoughts on “5 Places To Stay On Your Next Vacation In Benin Republic”

  1. Yes, I have been to Benin Republic but it was for a convocation. We went to the beach and other cool places. Had no idea places like this existed. Thank you for the information.

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  2. Thanks a lot for sharing dear 😘. I have been to Benin Republic though I have stayed at Casa Del Papa but my first time in the country; I stayed at Auberge De Grand Popo and it was lovely too!

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