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Life Lately + Burgers ‘N’ Shakes Restaurant Review

I feel like I owe you guys and myself this Life Lately post. It’s an attempt to explain my absence from the blog and encourage myself to get back to writing. There’s a review of Burgers ‘N’ Shakes with a ton of food pictures all the way down, it’s part of my apology. At the beginning of the year, I really thought I would be able to put out at least one blog post weekly knowing fully well I had a very busy year ahead but a girl can dream, right? But life happens and sometimes sheer will just isn’t enough. Here’s what I’ve been up to;


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I had my induction and graduated in March & May respectively. The induction ceremony was a formal recognition of my role as a Nurse. I decided to go a step further and take exams to qualify me as a Midwife. I finished the exams last week and I’m hoping for the best now. Sometimes it feels like my life is inundated with exams, I’m always studying for or writing one exam or the other, a scam nobody tells you in med school, there will always be exams, always.

My favorite corner

I finally got an apartment. I have never really lived at home with my family because I attended boarding school then went off to Uni. Towards the end of Uni, I made the decision to get an apartment for a number of reasons – I wanted the freedom to be independent and not stifled by house rules and I still had to be close to Uni to easily prepare for and get my second license. So I got a spacious flat I currently share with a friend who is amazing. What is not-so-amazing however is, being hit with full-time adulting and having to pay monthly bills and decorating, like do you guys know how expensive furniture and curtains are? Ordinary curtain???

In August, I had a 2-night beach staycation with some amazing women. You might remember Cassie and Tomi from Ouidah Lakehouse Vacation, we had 10 other women join us and between escaping a fire hazard, midnight karaoke sessions and forming new friendships, we had a swell time. I love how we are all still in touch months after the staycation and always try to fit each other into our hangout plans.

Burgers ‘N’ Shakes Restaurant Review

Burgers ‘N’ Shakes has been around for quite a while now, it used to be one of my favorite spots to order food from while in Uni. The restaurant recently got a facelift and I just knew I had to check it out.


The building is located right on Adeniran Ogunsanya road, the full address is at the end of this post. The building is easy to spot because there is a large sign out front, parking is limited to 2 cars. The new space is bigger than the old and the decor is definitely nicer with a wooden theme to it. The space can seat about 25 people comfortably.


The waitress handed us a menu and disappeared from sight for 30 minutes, the food took another 40 minutes, yes, I counted to arrive after ordering. I got the combo meal – honey glazed chicken wings, burger & fries while my friend had the Happy Bun – Chicken burger with a side of mixed fries. Because I had a long day and we generally wanted to let our inner foodies flourish, we added the English breakfast – pancakes, waffles, sausages, bacon strips, coffee, baked beans, white bread and tea/coffee

The food arrived in three batches with about 20-minute intervals, the bacon strips were substituted with a sausage as they were unavailable and I got crispy wings instead of the honey glazed wings  I originally ordered. The pancakes and waffles were thick, fluffy and nice. The burgers came with mixed fries – sweet potato & Irish, the bun was obviously not fresh but the overall taste of the burger was good.

The total bill came to around 7200 Naira which was a good price for the food. I’m glad that we are finally getting decent places to hang out on the mainland and I’ll definitely be paying them another visit soon.

Contact Details

Address – 92 Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos

Instagram – Burgers ‘N’ Shakes

What have you been up to lately? Have you been to the new Burgers ‘n’ Shakes? Will you pay them a visit?

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2 thoughts on “Life Lately + Burgers ‘N’ Shakes Restaurant Review”

  1. Late to the party but…
    Congratulations on your induction and everything in-between!!!
    Funny how after all my years in LUTH I never tried Burgers N Shakes, need to change that narrative.
    Adulting is the biggest scam in the galaxy but we will survive.
    All the best Alex!


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