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My Big Chop on 4C Natural Hair + Answering Related Questions

Ever since I posted the picture below on Instagram, my comment section and Dms have been filled with a thousand and one questions! I anticipated some of the questions while others like “Were you heartbroken?” and “Did you have lice?” had me in stitches.

I’ve tried to answer most of the questions about my big chop in this post but you can send me a mail if you have further questions.

Let’s get to it!



My first natural hair journey was via transitioning where I cut off the relaxed ends every now and then until I had a full head of natural hair.

So technically, this is my first Big Chop. I did it because I wanted the whole Big Chop experience, I wanted a new look and I needed to fall in love with my natural hair all over again. I was at a point where I had a solid regimen and really wasn’t doing anything with my natural hair besides putting it away underneath a wig 90% of the time. I’m going to try to enjoy every stage of this new journey and carry you guys along.

So no, I did not have lice, I did not lose a loved one, I wasn’t heartbroken, none of that.



I have been singing like a canary bird to my close friends since early last year that I wanted to cut my hair and even bombarded some of them with pictures of haircut ideas I thought would look nice on me so they were prepared for it and most of them liked it.

I told my mum a week before so she wouldn’t have enough time to talk me out of it and her first reaction was “K”

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Choosing a salon to get this haircut was the most difficult part of the entire process.

I reached out to some natural hair salons here in Lagos but most did not seem to understand what I wanted, some didn’t have experience with special haircuts and others wanted to charge me 2 times the amount it’ll cost for the haircut if I wanted to record a video which I definitely wanted to do.

I nearly gave up then I remembered Kayz Place, I have the utmost respect for the owner – Mr. Kay and was star struck the first time I met him last year. Finally choosing Kayz Place for the haircut was a no-brainer.

In hindsight, I wish I asked other women on similar haircuts for their barbers and salons so I would’ve had options.

The haircut cost me 3 000 Naira and the barber tried to convince me to “texturize” my hair while holding a tub of UB Relaxer, best believe I shut that down.

 twerk booty GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants


Unfortunately, no. I honestly need to meet with the person(s) that started this and have a word or two with him/her/them.


The best thing since I cut my hair has to be the 10 minutes wash day. No jokes, just 10 minutes. I’m trying to use up all the natural hair products I have now before I start experimenting with new ones but I definitely have new products and methods I plan to tweak to work for me.



So far, no. I mean, it’s not like I was wearing my hair in its natural state out all the time so I do not really miss it. Hopefully this time around I get to fix that and play around with natural hairstyles and just generally enjoy my natural hair journey.


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12 thoughts on “My Big Chop on 4C Natural Hair + Answering Related Questions”

  1. You look amazing!!! I had a similar cut when I did my second big chop 3 years back. It’s growing in now after years of keeping in low. Are you going to keep it like this or allow it to grow back immediately?


    1. I wish someone had told me care for short hair is more tasking than that for longer hair but I’ve been enjoying it so far. Trying to play around with styling – finger curls and perm rod sets for the growing longer parts

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