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Product Review: Rose Water & Tea Tree Facial Toner by Desire Natural Luxury

Rose Water has easily become a staple in my skincare regimen alongside Rosehip oil. When I got this one by Desire Natural Luxury; a made in Nigeria brand that specializes in organic hair and skincare, I was quite excited to try it out because I barely had five pumps left from my old Rosewater. The most shocking thing about this product is it’s price, my old bottle of Rosewater cost me twice the price of this one from Desire Natural Luxury and this one works just as well.

Price: 1 500 Naira / $5

Size: 100ml

Ingredients: Rose water, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel.

My Experience

The product comes in a small, handy spray bottle that thankfully fits into most of my handbags and purses. It has a lovely, light smell that doesn’t linger. I’ve used quite a number of Rosewater products from different brands so I was quite skeptical about this living up to it’s name because of the price point. Let’s see how it held up;

Toning: The pH of skin is generally acidic and falls within the 4.0-7.0 range. The use of different products can disrupt this balance and make it a breeding ground for bacteria that causes acne and other skin problems. What Rosewater does is to help balance and maintain that pH, I’m not one to suffer from breakouts so I’m not a great judge on its toning properties but it claims to contain Witch Hazel which is already popular for it’s toning benefits.

Moisturizing: I used up quite a lot of this product during the harmattan period as a quick refresher at different points during the day to keep my skin moisturized. I wasn’t wearing any makeup during that period so I didn’t have to worry about smearing.

Cleanser: It does a pretty decent job as a mild cleanser, it would get rid of light makeup but I had to go back with a proper facial cleanser or makeup remover on days when I wore a full face of makeup.

Reduce Puffiness: This works as a quick fix on days when I need to get rid of the puffiness and dark circles underneath my eye. I just spray the product on cold cotton pads and let them sit over my eyes for five minutes and I’m good to go.

Rating: 8/10

Would I Purchase: Yes

Where To Buy: Click here to purchase directly or call 09057329927 \ 08086645924

P.S: If you would like to try this exact Rosewater, follow this link;, subscribe and comment on any of my Youtube videos. I’ll announce a winner on my next post, next week Sunday. Goodluck!

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5 thoughts on “Product Review: Rose Water & Tea Tree Facial Toner by Desire Natural Luxury”

  1. Rose water is something I have been considering adding to my Skincare products and I think this post has just convinced me to try. Great Review Alex, Loved reading about this.


  2. nice one babe. I will give it a shot, whether I win it as a giveaway or purchase through the address in the review. Welldone a


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