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Get Fuller Edges in 2 Minutes With Toppik

If like me you’re always in a constant hide and seek game with your edges, this post would show you how to get fuller edges in two minutes! Earlier this year, I posted my progress with my edges after sticking to my scalp massage regimen, then I got this not-so-great idea to get braids done and all my hard work went down the drain. I heard of hair fibers in 2013 but the price was outrageous at that time; about 15 000 Naira. I came across it recently again and finally decided to give it a try!

Toppik Black Hair Building Fibre

What I Use

Toppik Hair Building Fibers – 4 000 Naira/$11 (Buy here)

How It Works

The natural keratin fibers work by binding to your own hair to create a fuller look. When you sprinkle the fine fibers on your thinning or balding area, the keratin hair fibers binds to your existing hair strands (regardless of how thin the strand is) and creates a natural volume for thicker and fuller looking hair instantly.

How To Use

  • Style your hair like you would normally do
  • Brush the hair around your edges or area where you would want to use the building fibers
  • Use a dark cloth to protect your face or exposed skin around where you would like to use the fibers on your scalp.
  • Shake from container directly onto your scalp or use a sponge applicator a.k.a beauty blender to control the application. A little goes a long way so don’t be heavy handed with this.
  • Optional – use a holding spray to lock it in
  • Voila! Fuller looking edges.

Get Fuller Edges in Two Minutes with Toppik

  • Fuller edges in less than two minutes
  • Easy to remove with wipes
  • Lasts for two days


  • Becomes lumpy when it comes in contact with liquid


Have you tried hair fibers or any other short-term method to magically have edges? Do share!

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6 thoughts on “Get Fuller Edges in 2 Minutes With Toppik”

  1. I need this in my life, my edges are not making me proud upon all the tender loving care the hair has been receiving.
    I haven’t tried hair fiber before but I will definitely try it soon.


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