Restaurant Review: Bibi’s Grillhouse 

I was invited by TheBloggerPoint alongside some other amazing bloggers for an afternoon of food and networking at Bibi’s Grillhouse and I knew it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share my experience and more importantly food pictures with you guys. I’m always teasing my Snapchat and Instastory fam with pictures of amazing food so I’ve decided to finally bring that here,  you can check the food section of the blog for regular updates on restaurants I would be visiting.

This place is great for group hangouts, there was a long table arranged to seat about twelve of us but you have to be clear when placing your orders because they got one or two orders mixed up but that was sorted out pretty fast.

I was pleasantly surprised when they mentioned having Bole which most people often mistake for Boli (roasted plantain and groundnut) on the menu so I decided to go for that with the Mackerel fish. The Bole was almost perfect, none of that unripe plantain hardness, it was neither too hard nor soft. I wasn’t big on the fish, I could tell it was dry just from looking at it and I was right. I had a bottle of water and fruit juice to go with the meal because they don’t offer cocktails here. There’s also limited alcohol, if you’re a heavy drinker, this is a good place to give your liver and kidneys a break.

Restaurant Review: Bibi's Grillhouse

If you work around Maryland mall or want to hangout with a group of friends on a budget, this is a decent spot to grab a meal.

Price Range: 800 – 1400 Naira per plate

Rating: 7/10

Location:   Second Floor

Maryland Mall

350 – 360 Ikorodu Road, Marlyand, Lagos.

Contact: 0807 767 7810

If you’d love me to try a specific restaurant, kindly drop a comment below with your suggestions or send me a mail

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