Inner Beautee Indulging Chocolate Sugar Scrub
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Indulging Chocolate Sugar Scrub by Inner Beautee

I love face scrubs, masks and basically any opportunity to just indulge and have a mini pamper session, you can check out some of my favorite masks and scrubs here and hereI got this scrub at an event earlier this year and kept it all the way at the back of my products drawer, I’m glad I finally  and it’s a Made In Naija product too

Price: 2500 Naira

Size: 100ml

Ingredients: Natural Brown Sugar, Raw Cocoa, Olea Europea (Extra Virgin olive oil), Grapeseed Oil.

My Experience

I’m just going to put this out there; yes, I tasted the scrub, curiosity and all, it tastes like oily chocolate. The smell of chocolate instantly hits you and lingers for a while even after wash. I use this scrub then follow up with a facial wash because it leaves an oily film on my face, it definitely leaves my face feeling smoother and is mild enough for me to use two times a week. I feel like this scrub should come with edible chocolate just for the sake of it, joking. I think it’s a great value for money and you’ll get a good number of uses out of it.

Rating: 8/10

Would I Purchase: Yes

Where To Buy: Inner Beautee

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