PRODUCT REVIEW: Simply Organic Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of my top 2 favorite oils, the other is Rosehip Oil. My first experience with  Argan oil was when I used the Creme of Nature hair dye and they had those sweet smelling overprocessed argan oils in the cute vials. A year later I bought original Argan oil and my disappointment when I found out it wasn’t sweet smelling was palpable.

Price: 4000 Naira

Size: 1 oz

My Experience

I’m still on the fence with this particular brand of Argan oil. I know organic Argan oil comes in dark storage bottles to prevent it from being denatured by light and heat, this one comes in a light bottle and that threw me off at first. I used this as a nighttime facial oil for three weeks and I did not notice much difference compared to my pre-owned Argan oil. Pure organic oil helps fight acne, works as an anti-aging agent, skin moisturizer and hair conditioner.

Rating: 6/10

Where To Purchase: Click here to buy from Sizzelle Online Store.

P.S: You get reward points on each purchase you make, you can gather enough points to exchange for a free product on the site.

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