Harmattan Survival Guide


“Say no to dry and ashy”

That is the quote I’m currently living by until we’re way past this harmattan period. For those who do not know,  harmattan is the dusty, dry and cold season or simply put the winter of Nigeria. Dusts suddenly becomes your best friend and it’s not uncommon to walk by people on the road looking like this:

But, I’m determined to maintain my glowing skin and supple lips this year. I’m currently in Delta state and I didn’t prepare adequately before leaving Lagos because there was no harmattan then but I hear the harmattan finally decided to show up in Lagos so to keep my glowing skin when I get back, I’ll be using the following products  and also recommend you get a harmattan survival kit of some sort, you can go for the products I’m currently using (I swear by them) or work with similar products you already have


If you’ve not had any protective style this year, this might be the time to start looking at pictures on braidsgang or your favorite go-to site for protective styling. Hopefully, you have a protective style installed already because, Christmad hair. I’m sticking to my wigs and would be doing the LCO method every other day using water, Profectiv leave-in strenghtening conditioner and Hairffilliation hair butter. I have an extensive post on how to care for your hair during this period here


If you’ve been skipping on your facial moisturizers or using Milk of Magnesia as a primer, you’re going to have to stop such bad behaviour, like now and forever maybe. I’ve always used Aveeno Facial Moisturizer and it works really well for me. 


I have two favorite lip balms at the moment that you would almost always find on me at any given time; Mayelline Baby Lips and IlhamSkincare Lip Balm, best believe I’ll be sticking with them through the perilious times to come.


I’m sticking to my R&R Shea Luxury Lemongrass Oil. It’s funny how I kept putting off purchasing this product despite the amazing reviews online. I came across it online again during one of my random searches and decided to finally buy it, this stuff actually makes my skin glow, no jokes but don’t just take my word for it, try it.

I’ll also be carrying my favorite Neutrogena hand lotion everywhere I go, might also put a bit of olive oil in it for extra protection.


What products would you be using this harmattan period?

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5 thoughts on “Harmattan Survival Guide

  1. Everywhere is just really dusty, harmattan started yesterday and everywhere looks like a sandstorm just occurred lol. Just gonna stick with my chaplet lip balm and Palmolive lotion for my skin and Shea butter and various leave in conditioners for my hair.

  2. The harmattan in Lagos is not a joking sturvs. Like I haven’t been around to experience it and it feels completely strange.
    I’ll be using my Ilham Skin care Lip Balm and also forever lip balm to keep my lips moist. For my skin I’ll stick with my shea butter.
    My Style Look Book Series

  3. The harmattan just came out from nowhere today, making plans to go make my hair now so it won’t super dry.
    Vaseline and coconut oil are my go to products now; also water have to keep hydrated

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