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Scalp Massage 101

I love scalp massages whether they are done using the tip of my fingers or my Ultimate Grow Scalp Massager from SavvyChic/NaijaHairCanGrow. I’m currently dealing with traction alopecia (story for another post, coming soon) and scalp massages are now an important part of my daily hair care routine. If you aren’t already getting scalp massages done, I’m going to be highlighting why and how you can.

5 Reasons You Need To Get Regular Scalp Massages

  1. It promotes blood circulation which ultimately leads to improved hair growth.
  2. It helps to lubricate and condition the scalp.
  3. Helps you relax and lower your stress levels.
  4. Helps with dry and flaky scalp
  5. Just another way for you to have your hand in your hair without feeling guilty.


What You Would Need

  1. Your hands or a scalp massager (I bought my massager here for 800 Naira)
  2. An oil of your choice (I use the oil blend from HairByJhennique, cost me 2000 Naira)


  • Part your hair into sections. Personally, I always work in four sections.
  • Apply a generous amount of oil onto your scalp in one section.
  • Using the pads of your fingers or massager, gently go around the area in slow circles. I like spending no less than 3 minutes on one section.
  • Repeat on the other sections.
  • If you do not have access to your hair for sectioning, simply work with the areas you have access to. For me, its my edges and nape area most times.

One important thing to note is that you should always use clean fingers and make sure your massager is always clean to prevent introduction of germs and bacteria directly to the scalp.

What’s your take on scalp massages? Would you be trying this?

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8 thoughts on “Scalp Massage 101”

  1. I do scalp massages sometimes and they’re sooooooo soothing! I absolutely love’em and will be doing them more often. I’ll try to get the scalp massager soon though.
    Tosin xx


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