My Black Friday Wishlist

P.S: This list also doubles as my Christmas wish list.

Before I started writing this post, I thought it was going to be super long but then I realized there are very few things I want at the moment. Money is a constant anyday, anytime, so I conveniently left it out of the list (but still chipped it in here anyway). Black Friday sales used to be asssociated with thanksgiving and early Christmas shopping in the abroad but then Nigerian retailers keyed into it and they’ve been doing so well for themselves so far, this year’s Black Friday Sale would be on the 25th of November.



These things are ridiculously expensive for reasons unknown to me yet. I haven’t found someone that actually sells 4C textured extensions here in Nigeria and the current exchange rate wouldn’t even let me look at foreign sites. During one of my searches, I came across theses synthetic ones you can get for less. They imitate the real thing but you’ll have to stay away from dyes and hot styling tools. You can purchase them here




This is one of those items that I keep saying I would buy but just never get around to actually buying. This cap would cut your regular deep conditioning time by half as opposed to using a regular shower cap and ensure that the products penetrate your hair shafts. You can get it for 3200 Naira here or cheaper on the 25th


SONY A6000

With an amazing 24.3 Megapixels and high definition video quality, this camera has always been a dream since I stumbled upon it online. But with a $700 price tag, it’s not currently within my reach so I’ll have to make do with my Canon and hope by a stroke of luck, I’ll  own this bad boy or something even better in the nearest future. Meanwhile, if you would like to score a camera at up to 50% off this Black Friday, you can choose from a wide selection here


If you know me at all, I’m always hungry, I always want food, it’s my default setting and probably the number one reason why I won’t fit into my dream bikini yet, but I digress. Getting food on demand used to be a big hassle for me then I discovered HelloFood (now JumiaFood) and that problem was solved. If you don’t know what JumiaFood is about (I’m totally judging you now, joking), click  From 14th-25th, they’ll be offering massive discounts on food (yes please!) and my favorite restaurant at the moment on their list is Food O’clock in Surulere, so you know, if you want to order for me or try them out yourself, it’s totally fine, just make sure you save  extra money by using the discount code JFALEX (gets you a cool 15% off your purchase)


What are the items currently on your wishlist?

P.P.S: I’m trying to compile a christmas beauty gift box. If you could have any made in Nigeria beauty product, what would it be?

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20 thoughts on “My Black Friday Wishlist”

  1. My need for phone tops all my other needs rn.. Next some cool clothes. Next makeup, I practically have nothing but 2colourpop lippies in the kit I call a makeup bag. I should buy a braid wig with Ella discount 💭💭


  2. Is this a sponsored post? 😏
    I want a direct link to the hair extensions.
    That lovely Afro wig you make would be nice. the taos Inc highlighter, or the yanga beauty metallic lipstains.


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