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Recap: Get Wigged #TheLagosWigMakingWorkshop

After months of planning for the workshop, it finally held last week Saturday! (you can read the introductory post I did on it here. We started the workshop at 12p.m on the dot with introductions and basic knowledge of wig making. After that, we made sure every participant learnt and practiced the following:

  • How to make a crochet wig
  • Techniques for threading needles
  • How to make a U-part wig
  • How to make a wig using lace closures
  • How to make a wig with the round closing method for bangs/fringe/side parts without lace closures.


Wig kits and practice hair were provided for everyone


The Set-up

My short self demonstrating threading techniques


The class comprised entirely of women who were so eager to learn and get to work, it was truly amazing to be in a room with these women teaching and learning side by side.


Participant at work


Ella making sure everyone was following and doing the right thing!



A student with her finished work


I’m always goofing around like this
Group Pictures

Planning this workshop taught me valuable life lessons and opened my eyes to things I would otherwise have been unaware off. It was a long, hard process and at different (many) points, Ella and I thought about giving up or postponing because things just weren’t going as expected but we decided to push on. We had a set number of people we wanted for the workshop and at 4 days to the workshop, we had just about 30% of that number but God pulled through for us and just a day before the workshop, we hit our set target! I wouldn’t describe it as anything but a miracle, honestly. We had difficulties with just about everything that had to do with the workshop from venue to the needles we needed to include in the kits, it was almost as if life was saying “Hey, take this curve ball and quit!” at every single turn but we overcame, I really don’t know how, we just did. Shoutout to my friend Thelma for being with us throughout and making sure everything went well, thank you again!

The workshop was a big success and I’m so grateful to everyone that helped to put the word out about it, there’s a list at the end of this post to places online we were featured. Talks of another workshop are already in the works because we had some people call on the morning of the workshop asking to be a part of it, amazing feedbacks and also because we feel like there is so much more to be learned about when it comes to wig making. We’ll keep you in the loop about it, just to be on the safe side and ensure you get the info first, you can subscribe to a newsletter here.






To everyone that tweeted, retweeted and posted details about the workshop, we appreciate you!

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14 thoughts on “Recap: Get Wigged #TheLagosWigMakingWorkshop”

  1. You’re doing amazing work sweetie.. I’m beyond happy for you because it can only get better. Wish I was in Lagos to participate tho, always loved wig making. Congratulations 😊😄


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