Life Lately |  July – September

It’s amazing how we are already down to the last quarter of the year. I mean we were just saying Happy New Year and making resolutions/goals not too long ago. The past 3 months haven’t been too easy on me in all aspect of my life but I’m still grateful for small victories and friends who show up when it counts the most. I’ll just be summarizing what I’ve been up to below;

Hair & Skin Care

I tried quite a number of new hair products these past 3 months and the best part is they were all from Nigerian brands! I love that Nigerian brands are really stepping up in the beauty and hair care sector and churning out products that can go head-to-head with international products. I reviewed most of the products I tried including the MaraCruiz Organics adult hair care line, Hairffiliation African Black Soap, KUI conditioning mist and SavvyChic Shea butter cup which is simply divine. I’m currently trying a range of hair and skin care products from Hairffiliation and I’ll put up a thorough review after a month.

Lola Afro Wig

Nappyhaired Wigs

I discovered my love for wigs years ago  and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been making wigs for almost 2 years now but mostly just for myself and close friends. I made the Lola Afro wig in July and it was such a big hit that I decided to finally get into the wig making business properly. For now, it’s strictly by appointment/order because I still have to focus on school work too. You won’t get my prices anywhere else (really!) and they’re all handmade with love and according to your budget. You can send an email to discuss your wig options or follow Nappyhairedwigs on Instagram.

Also, there’s an upcoming wig making workshop for a little group of people in Lagos which you can read about and register for here. You can view pictures from my first wig making workshop for The Lights Camera Hair event here

Best Beauty Blogger

The BloggerPoint Best Beauty Blogger 2016 Award

I gushed about my surprise and elation at winning The Blogger Point’s Best Beauty Blogger Award here and even though it completely took me by surprise, it was well deserved (if I say so myself!). Prior to that, i was feeling a type of way about blogging because I’ve had s0 much on my plate in recent times but that coupled with comment notifications I get just really spurred me on.

CAG Bloggers Forum 

I attended this forum in July & September put together by Dako Alice of ColoursAndGrey to teach bloggers how to effectively maximize their blogging skills. I’ve always thought blogging was mostly just about writing and sharing what I consider to be useful information/knowledge but it’s so much more technical and complex. If you’re a blogger and would like to attend one of these forums in the future, contact Alice by sending a mail to

What have you been up to lately? Do share. 

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