How To Make Your Own Crochet Extensions

After my experience with some not-so-excellent albeit expensive crochet extensions, I decided to seek for cheaper options but they all came within the same price range. I stumbled upon this method on Pinterest and decided to share, one good thing about this is if you do not have the time or patience to do it yourself, you can buy your extensions and give it to your local hair dresser to assist, although it might take a lot of explaining  but it’s still a cheaper alternative and you get to customize the size and color you want.

What I Used

  • X-Pression braiding hair
  • A long piece of rope
  • Patience

How To

  • Take the piece of rope and tie it securely across 2 surfaces.
  • Loop your extension for braiding/twisting over the rope.

  • Make a knot with just a little space to allow for crocheting.

  • Braid or twist the extensions.

  • Repeat.

Is this something you have tried/will be willing to try? 

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Crochet Extensions

  1. Hei! I’m currently wearing DIY crochet hair too! Determination should be added after Patience cuz I almost gave up. My thumbs hurt for days. You have to twist before knotting tho so the knot will appear neater and more natural when installed. I’ll post pictures on IG soon. Definitely way more affordable.

  2. I’d love to see how it turns out fully, patiently waiting for your next batch.
    Can’t wait to make mine, I’d get the patience, this economy is enough ginger already lol.

  3. And to think I know how to braid and twist but laziness won’t let me be great sha SMH. Maybe I’d just try this… after I cast and bind that spirit from my life. Thanks for sharing!

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