Life Lately | April – June


My hair has been seriously frustrating me, it’s almost like it tries to do the opposite of what I want every single time. I’ve experimented with a lot of protective styles but couldn’t bring myself to stick with any for more than two weeks. There was the Sew-inKrochet Kulture TwistsVixen CrochetCrochet Wig and The Closure Wig




I’ve been experiencing major writer’s block but you might have noticed the design, layout and one or two things have improved on the blog. I spend more time tweaking the minor stuff than actually writing these days, it’s weird, honestly. You can always catch Dee and I on our Instagram page.

My birthday was on the 11th of April and as usual, it was nothing special, I’ve experienced the excitement that comes with birthdays that other people do. It’s just another day for me, sometimes there’s cake and presents and other times, there isn’t. I’m grateful for life everyday so one day is not that much of a big deal.

In April, there was a mini blog meetup organized by The Girl Journey and I was very excited to finally place faces to blog alias and generally connect with others. If you were able to make it, you’re the real MVP, thank you!

I got to attend Africa Fashion Week Nigeria thanks to the good people at DZRPT Fashion and although it wasn’t everything I expected it to be, I was pretty excited.
What have you been up to lately? Do share. 
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4 thoughts on “Life Lately | April – June”

  1. I can totally relate with the hair, I carried my hair for a month without making it cause I was just tired of it. Everyone is like “Fola go and make your hair”


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