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Product Review: Krochet Kulture Twists

Length: 24″

Size: 120g (12 twists in a pack)

Material: Toyokalon Fibre

Price: 3000 Naira

My Experience

When I first heard of Krochet Kulture, I was skeptical because then everyone was getting X-Pression Naomi Boom which is similar to the Krochet Kulture in 12″ at 700 Naira which is a good deal compared to 3000 Naira but I wanted something longer and after almost a month, I finally made up my mind and just bought it. I’m glad I did. It comes in a cute box (I’m all for packaging) with a free latch hook to help the crocheting process, I installed it the same way I do regular crochet styles (there’s a tutorial video below). If you are getting the 24″, you would need 4 packs while 3 packs would be enough for the 12″. You can wear the hair in 2 styles; twists or twistout but if you’d like to get more than one use out of this hair I would suggest wearing it in twists because it tends to frizz pretty quickly. I love that twists are soft and not at all heavy on the head. More details on how I styled it would be up later.


Would I repurchase? Yes!

Rating: 8/10

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I would not be re-purchasing this particular extension from the Krochet Kulture line, at least not anytime soon. After about a week of wear, it started frizzing badly and needed almost daily trimmings which I am not up for. I decided to loosen it and keep away for another style. I would probably cut it shorter and make into an afro wig.

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