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DIY: Fringe/ Bangs Clip-in

If you have ever wanted to jump on the fringe/bangs trend but didn’t want the hassle of always being hot or breaking out for those with sensitive skin, good news, you can make a removable clip in fringe/bang that gives you the benefit of the style without the discomfort.

What You Would Need 

A black cloth






Flat iron

How To 

  1. Get a plain black cloth. I cut mine from an old shirt I was going to discard.

  2. Cut it into a triangular shape.

  3. Measure and cut the hair wefts to fit the black cloth, row by row.

4a. Sew the wefts onto the cloth.


4b. Glue the wefts onto the cloth.

  1. Sew 2 Clip-ins onto the top part of the cloth.

  2. Attach to your hair and flat iron.

  3. Cut the longer ends to fit and frame your face.

  4. Slay.

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