Life Lately | Jan – March


Hair  – I’m at that point where I feel like my hair isn’t growing even though I know it is. I’ve promised myself I would not do a length check till mid year. I don’t think I’ve gotten over cutting my dyed ends but it was so worth it. Since the beginning  of the year, I haven’t been to a salon to get a weave fixed or have my hair braided, I’ve just been enjoying the freedom that comes with wearing wigs. I even got to style hair for my friend-cum-designer.


Blog  – Between school work, being sick, running four Instagram accounts, I’ve just been overwhelmed and uninspired lately. Everytime I try to scribble something down, I don’t get past the first paragraph before I get ‘tired’. A friend jokingly said I’m experiencing “mental exhaustion” and I stayed up for the most part of the night that day looking it up and I had to agree with him. The blog turned two but that wasn’t even enough motivation for me.
As promised last year, the beauty category of the blog is finally live and it would be run mostly by my good friend and Make Up Artist, Dee, she has amazing tips and posts already.


School – School has well, been school. Medical school is not a pot of beans.

I’m so grateful for everyone that reads this blog, subscribes and shares the posts. Sometimes, I wake up to an email of a new subscriber and that gives me a little push like “People are reading what you write, they are interested in what you have to share” and those mornings are the best kinds, really. Thank you.

If you’re ever feeling down or you feel like you can’t complete a project or task, follow the link below and watch the video, it has helped me through some difficult situations lately.
Ink-spirations – Ink Johnson


Need a protective style to battle this heat? View my Brazillian Wool post for ideas on different ways to style Brazillian wool braids/twists and how to look stylish at it.


What have you been up to? Do share.

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