Valentine Inspired Look

It’s the season of LOVE !!!❤️

Several plans have been made for this day whether it’s a girl’s night out, going on a date with that special someone or with your family. Valentine is about appreciating the people you love, showing love, and being happy. For the ladies, it isn’t really easy when trying to figure out what to wear, what hairstyle to do or how your makeup will look for that special occasion but here’s a look you can pretty much rock without overwhelming your partner. Remember keeping it simple and beautiful! You want to look good but in a way that your partner would still recognise you.

The number one thing to avoid is thinking that you need to look like a completely different person. Your partner or date wants to see the person they fell in love with, so make sure you look like yourself, but your gorgeous self. Most men aren’t fans of too much makeup, so don’t scare them by using a lot. Just aim for a more natural and beautiful look.

Here are two looks I did for Valentine’s day which depicts simple but yet beautiful

The first look I am sharing with you is sweet and flirtatious with soft eye makeup and a pink lip.

The second look is something you might choose if you really want a dramatic and appealing look but still not overwhelming. This is a bold red lip you can also include a wing eyeliner for more drama, and an easy updo or a sleek wavy hairstyle.

So I hope you have fun and look your best with these few beauty tips.

Happy Valentine’s Day 💋
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8 thoughts on “Valentine Inspired Look

  1. Lol @ “You want to look good but in a way that your partner would still recognise you.”

    The looks are both pretty and subtle, my favourite is the second look. I like matte textured lip colours. It’s retro chic. 🙂

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