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DIY: Wigs


One of my resolutions for this year is to try more protective styles and my go-to is wigs. They’re perfect for protective styling and still give you access to your hair to wash, deep condition and have all the necessary treatments on weekends or at your free time. If you’re are a beginner at wig making, you might want to try making wigs using the flip over method or bonding glue to help with the closure. There is a video at the end of this post to guide you. When you feel more confident, you can try using the lace closure.

What You Would Need

  • Hair
  • Closure
  • Mannequin head
  • Scissors
  • Wig cap
  • Curved needle and thread
  • Wig combs/hook
  • Pins
  • Basic Sewing Skills.


  • Wear the wig cap on your head and use a white pen/marker to note where you want the closure to stay.
  • Place the wig cap on the mannequin’s head (styrofoam head preferably, it is easier to work with)
  • Use pins to secure the closure firmly onto the marked area
  • Sew the closure onto the cap with small tight stitches, removing the pins as you sew
  • Sew the wefted hair onto the cap starting from the  back. personally, I do not use the measure, cut and sew method because I hate cutting my hair wefts. Instead, I flip the wefts when I get to the edge of the cap and use firmer stitches to hold it in place.
  • When you are done sewing the wefted hair. Wear the wig cap and carefully cut out the excess lace in front.
  • Remove from your head and cut out the part of the wig cap directly underneath the parting of your lace closure.
  • Sew the wig combs to the underside of the cap. One at the back and one on each side of where the lace closure attaches to the wig cap.
  • Style as desired.

Finished Look

P.S: If you need help getting wig making supplies or making a wig in Nigeria, contact me; and I would be glad to assist.

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24 thoughts on “DIY: Wigs”

  1. Hi. Please how were you able to prevent the sides of your wig cap from being seen? I followed the instructions but the sides of the cap are still visible at the top.


  2. Great share! I made my first ever crochet wig and I LOVE her! More than a month later and she (Annabelle…yes I named her lol) is still going strong. Think I will chop her a bit for a short look before I put her to “rest”. Definitely a great way to protective style! Has been my first time ever making/using a wig and I really enjoy how I get to style up my hair really quickly in the morning and when I get home I take off the wig to preserve Annabelle for as long as possible.


  3. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing this, the video was so helpful.

    Your flip-over tip is great, because cutting the wefts causes shedding and tangling.

    I plan to make a wig this weekend, It will be my first attempt, so I hope it goes well. I’ve purchased all the required materials except for the combs/hook.

    I think wigs are the best protective style as one’s hair is totally free from manipulation. I used to think weaves gave better protection but sometimes the sewing process can stress the hair strands within the cornrows causing breakage.

    Your wig turned out great. Well done!


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