Dee Lagos Bloggers Brunch

If you follow the blog on Instagram (if not, why? Stop reading and follow ‘Nappyhaired’) you would  know I was really excited to attend the Lagos Bloggers Brunch which was hosted by Desola Mako of and tagged DeeMako Lagos Bloggers Brunch. Prior to it, there hasn’t been an event put together for bloggers to meet, network and exchange ideas, thumbs up to her  for succes sfully pulling this off.


When: 12th December 2015. 12p.m – 2p.m

Where: Davinci Fashion Lounge (No. 19 Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, Lagos.)

Sponsors: Daltimore Collections, Zaron Cosmetics, Titi Belo, Desire1709Fashion, Wilson’s Lemonade, African Things, Cointreau, Byge, Kayge Cosmetics.
The event kicked off with formal introductions of self and blog name, I was happy to finally put faces to some of my favorite bloggers, a little huge part of me was glad that some bloggers were able to recognize my blog when it was my turn to introduce myself, I must be doing something right eh? 


Then we had Ebony from Zaron Cosmetics talk about the brand and its aims, I was a bit surprised when she mentioned how they had difficulty locating bloggers in Nigeria to push a campaign, hello! Waving!


From there it was eating, exchanging ideas and getting to know each other, I made new friends I hope to build good relationships with.  It was really fun but I had to leave to attend another event. In true characteristic fashion, I took pictures of everybody else but didn’t get a decent one of myself, welp!


Kayge Cosmetics

Byge, African Things, Daltimore Collections


Cointreau cocktails

The damage


I left with a lot of gift items courtesy the sponsors and a 10 000 Naira gift voucher from desire1709Fashion

What have you been up to recently? Do share. xx

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12 thoughts on “Dee Lagos Bloggers Brunch

  1. Really nice. Fooood! Lol
    I thought I’d be able to put my name down to attend but lots of stuff came up for that saturday. Sigh.
    Fingers crossed for the next one

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