DIY: Satin Pillow Cover

Often times, I forget to don my satin scarf before going to bed. I’ve abandoned my satin bonnet because I wake up with headaches most mornings or it slips off my head, I only remember it when I have protective styles that involve ‘big hair’. So far, I haven’t found anywhere to buy satin pillow slips for regular-sized pillows and I keep postponing going to the market to have one sewn for me.

The next best thing is this satin pillow cover which is the easiest thing to make.  Sleeping with a satin  scarf/bonnet/pillow slip helps to protect your hair especially your edges from constant friction with cotton or other materials which can lead to frizz and breakage.
What I Used

  • Satin scarf
  • Pillow with pillow case

How To


  • Drape your satin scarf over the pillow.

  • Turn over and tie the two upper and lower ends into knots.

  • Sleep.



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