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Hair Update + GIVEAWAY



4C. My coils only show up on wash days and that’s fine. Someday when I’m brave enough, I’ll try a wash and go and see how that turns out for me. I still have fine thin strands; there’s no going back on that. The hair at the back of my head doesn’t give me any trouble but I’m still at war with my edges. I still use my eyepencil over my edges sometimes. You can learn how to do that by clicking this link



This is what my hair looks like now. I’ve banned myself from doing any length check till December. I’m currently getting rid of my dyed ends because I want to get a new color and don’t want to end up having rainbow hair.

I think everyone around me has finally come to terms with my hair and like it a lot more now. Most people just want to see that it is growing and you won’t be stuck with short hair forever, when shrinkage does its thing, they become confused again. I’m tired of explaining why my hair looks longer on some days and really short on other days. On Learning to Accept The Kinks by Ekene, I talked about the issue of acceptance with my mum in the comments’ section. We’ve been going back and forth but I got this recently so that’s a lot of improvent.

Faves & Not So Faves

I’ve been reacting to coconut oil. It’s anonying because I fell in love with coconut oil and dropped my olive oil. Guess who is back to Olive oil? Welp. Just the tiniest drop of coconut oil on my scalp and it starts itching terribly then gets sore. I’ve tried four different brands of coconut oil so it’s not just mine I’m reacting to.

I’m in love with Trader Joe’s conditioner, I use it as a rinse out conditioner and to cowash. Sometimes I add it to my deep conditioning concotions for that extra slip.

Protective Styling

For the past two months, I’ve been shielding my hair beneath wigs and going for a puff occasionally. Last week, I had a weave installed and I’ve been loving it so far. Considering my 3 months break from weave, this almost feels like a ‘reward’




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30 thoughts on “Hair Update + GIVEAWAY”

  1. Yay!!! I think Im following you already but I’ll check to be on the safer side. @__Nafisah I really wish I knew how to protective style my hair like you…. lol..Since it shows itself only on washdays.


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